Writing Newsletters During COVID-19

One of the best things you could be doing right now is writing newsletters and sending them out to your clients and customers. Why? This is the prime time to be marketing on social media. By writing newsletters, you are providing value to your clients and checking in with those who are confiding in you for advice. You are giving information that they are asking for and preventing them from seeking it out elsewhere. You want to become the source of information for your clients, so now is the time to start frequently checking in with them to ensure they continue to do business with you or feel compelled to do business with you. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of writing newsletters during this time!

Update Readers on Current Business News

Your clients and customers deserve to know what is going on with your business. If you are working remotely, tell them that! Let them know that you are available via phone or email. If you are an essential business, tell them that, too! It is imperative to keep your readers updated on the status and outlook of your business. Here are some examples of topics to include in the opening statement of your newsletter:

  • If you had a change in hours
  • How you are handling the consequences of COVID-19
  • How your services have been impacted
  • What you are doing to help your community
  • Places you have donated where others can donate as well

Stay in Front of Your Target Audience

Writing newsletters is one of the BEST ways you can stay in front of your target audience. Right now, you need to be putting your business out in front of people's eyes and right at their fingertips. By showing your clients and customers that you are working hard, doing your best, and showing them that you care about them, they are more likely to continue business with you even during a time like this. At Hyperchat Social, we love to help our small business owners stay in front of current and potential clients. If you'd like to start sending out a monthly newsletter but would prefer to have someone else do it for you, we'd love to set your campaign up! Click HERE to speak with a newsletter expert on how we can help you Turn Social Into Sales!

Check-in With Your Clients

Now is the time to check in with those who you do business with. Because this time is uncertain, and we do not have exact answers when it will all end, you should be checking in with those that you have done business with and making sure they know you care about them. Writing newsletters each month is a great way to provide information to your clients or customers about your business, but writing newsletters and sending them out is also a practical, valuable way to make sure these clients and customers continue using your services and/or products. This way, people do not look at you as just a business partner but as someone who puts thought and care into what they do and how they do things for others.

Provide Valuable Information

By writing newsletters each month, you are providing valuable information to your readers. This kind of information could be in the form of trending industry articles, a recent blog post you have written, a fun recipe to try out while quarantined at home, and even things to do (virtual things, that is!). Other kinds of valuable information right now include tips for managing self-quarantine, how to be productive while working from home and tips on running a business from home. Rather than writing newsletters for the sake of everyone else doing it, your newsletter needs to give something to your readers that they can take and learn from. There are over 4.2 billion active email users, so your point is likely to get across to someone! Not only are there plenty of users, but writing newsletters is also a great source of leads. Some of your subscribers could be prospects! Make sure you give them something to come back for!

Low Cost

Writing newsletters does not have to be expensive. You could use the time you used to have for your morning and nightly commute towards putting out a quality newsletter for cheap. Our favorite platforms for newsletter writing and sending are MailChimp and Constant Contact. In fact, we have even written a blog comparing the two! Make sure you check it out!

Newsletters are relatively low cost, as they eliminate the need for postage and the manual work it takes to mail something out. You will spend less time and money writing newsletters online than writing out each individual's address, printing copies, and mailing each out. Mailchimp and Constant Contact both offer plans that you could definitely afford if you make time for writing newsletters (some plans are free!). They even offer templates, so all you have to do is insert photos, hyperlink some articles, and write some personal messages to your clients and customers!

Reputation Management

As I mentioned before, writing newsletters is a prime way to maintain your reputation and even build it higher. Writing newsletters does not have to be looked at as a nuisance or something that will cost you time and effort for no one to read. If you write your newsletter in a way that draws attention, provides value, and shows that you care, you are bound to get clicks back to your website and even organic leads! Consistency is key when it comes to writing newsletters; we recommend writing one newsletter each month to keep your clients, customers, and prospects informed and educated on everything it is that you are doing for your business, for your industry, for your clients, and for your community.

With writing newsletters comes opportunities to connect more with your clients and even gain new clients or customers. When people see that you are a credible, consistent source of information, they will continue to tune into your monthly newsletter and look to you for advice and business. Not only that, but you will establish yourself more as an industry leader when you start to send out more and more newsletters!

Times Are Tough

We know that right now, times are tough. Small businesses everywhere are doing everything in their power to make ends meet. We believe strongly in the power of social media, especially during this time. Now is the optimal time to be marketing because you are able to put your business out there for more eyes to see. With email marketing, you are able to communicate with people that need it most - maybe it is current and potential clients and customers, or maybe it is fellow small business owners. Either way, you are putting yourself and your business out there, making sure that people know you care and that you are putting forth your best effort in this economy.

Right now, you want to be writing newsletters regarding COVID-19 and your industry. For small business owners, write about how you are handling everything, how you are being proactive and continuing to work hard. If you are a financial advisor, write about how you can educate on the details behind the recently passed CARES Act and Stimulus Package.

As COVID-19 has affected each and everybody in different ways, we want you to know that we would be happy to take over your email marketing for you! If you have not yet started email marketing, we would also love to kickstart a campaign for you and help your small business out during this time. From one small business to another, let's Turn Social Into Sales!

Want to send out a monthly newsletter but don't want to make your own! No worries, we've got you covered. Schedule a time with a newsletter expert by clicking HERE!


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