Why You Want Cards for Clicks

We would all agree that Amazon is dominating right now. Absolutely dominating. There is a litany of reasons we could formulate as to why they are dominating, but it is clear to me that what Amazon is really good at is getting you to click buttons. Button clicking leads to more button clicking until you self-select into buying something from them which is the end game.

A recent study that was done by Facebook reported an insane statistics. The study shared that by using clickable cards in a social fashion you could increase traffic by 250%. There is an easy way to do this now with new social tools and this can be key in helping you generate more leads for your business.

The website Any Image is a specific tool on the web that allows you to transform regular images into clickable social cards and then connect them to a landing page of your choice. The beauty of creating these cards is that they can have a multi-purpose function to be used on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Let's go through how these will work and give you a few examples.

With Any Image, it starts with a very simple process:

  • Pick a high-quality image that you take which is representative of the call to action you are creating.
  • You will write the headline for the article/social media post
  • You will also be able to write a short description of what people will be seeing or redirected to when they click the button.
  • You can use any URL from your website or send people to a custom landing page.
  • Now….it's time to collect leads!!—remember pictures aren't worth 100 words, they are worth 1,000 words!

Isn't it time you just stopped posting high-quality images and turned them into marketing GOLD!!


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