Why is Tik Tok so popular?

Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps in the world right now. Not only does the platform have billions of users, but the user count is still growing. What makes it so popular? Why has it continued to grow at such an impressive rate? There are a few reasons…

1. Trends

All apps are driven by trending topics, but Tik Tok is fueled by them. The influence that relevancy and trends hold over this app is significant compared to its competitors.

The app thrives off of trending sounds, hashtags, and challenges. These are community-led and usually start with one video that starts a trend. The premise is - once something is trending, people copy the trend and make their own version. These trends/challenges can come and go quickly, but if they are picked up by celebrities or influencers, they gain more momentum. These trends are what makes the app so addicting, most trends feature snippets of popular songs that get stuck in your head. Tik Tok is a platform that isn't taken too seriously, so creators feel comfortable trying new ideas. Thus, new trends pop up constantly…

Another aspect of the trends that make the app so popular is the frequency, there are new trends every other day. Whether it's a new challenge, a new sound, dance trend, or even filter - there is always something new to try. This is where the algorithm comes into play... It will boost the content that aligns with any new and popular challenge. This is a draw for new users, if they see a trend that they find interesting or entertaining - they'll join the app. Every audio used by any popular creator can also be used by anyone else on the app. This feature is essential to the new trends, the fact that anyone and everyone can do them is a major pull.

2. Algorithm

The beauty of Tik Tok lies within the algorithm. No matter your age, interests, gender, or anything else - you'll get videos on your 'For You' page that meet those criteria. This home feed or 'FYP' is the introductory page of the app. This is the main place that you are meant to discover new creators and content. The AI creates a feed that is optimal for each individual user. As the app tracks your activity, it will only show the videos that are of your interest. The AI does this by keeping an eye on the videos you are interacting with the most. If you share, like, or comment on a video, then you will see more content of that category. It even keeps track of how long you watch the video for, how many times you watch it, if you like it if you read the comments, etc. The algorithm begins to learn and better understand what type of videos you enjoy watching the most. You can have a feed before you even follow anyone, that itself draws people in right from the start!

3. Community

It's human nature to desire a community, and social media has only added to that desire. Not only do people want to find community in real life, but they also want it online as well. Tik Tok has done a great job of facilitating on their app. Those communities can be found in a group of creators that create a specific type of content. For every category under the sun, there are numerous creators. Some creators make dance videos, makeup videos, lip-syncing, sports videos, and many more. Each one of them has millions of views. This level of diversity has resulted in an expanded user base because people know that no matter what kind of people they're looking for, they are likely to find them on the app. Regardless of if you're just a viewer or a creator too, it brings people together.

4. Virality

Since the start of social media and the internet, going viral has been a massive aspect of platforms. That has led to the urge for people to get famous for their own viral videos. Tik Tok can make you an internet sensation overnight. All you need is one good video and you're set! It has led to the success and the start of a career for a lot of people. Tik Tok is one of the easiest ways on the internet to get famous. Creating videos that typically go viral, doesn't require a significant amount of effort. Sometimes it's as simple as creating a 60-second video and if it gets engagement, then you have a viral video on your hands. On Tik Tok, the content you create doesn't necessarily have to be meaningful, it just needs engagement. This is just another thing that is unique to the platform.

5. Convenience

Another major reason that Tik Tok became as popular as it is - convenience. It's incredibly easy to use. It was designed in a way that it can be operated by anyone, it's very user-friendly. The app is accessible in your native language for ease of use and an overall better experience. That's the draw, it's simple to create and post a video on the app and you don't have to be a professional video editor to make good content! All it takes is a few clicks and a little bit of trial and error for you to figure out how to start creating. Whether you're headed to Tik Tok for pure entertainment or to promote your business, you'll be able to figure it out quickly!

Tik Tok is here to stay and will remain very relevant. I hope this gave some insight into why this app is such a sensation in the world of social media, and how you can use it to benefit you!

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