Why a Faster Website Will Benefit Your Business!

Why a faster website will benefit your business!

In this digital world where the internet is the most significant influencer, many people would search for a company's website to decide if a business is credible or not. If your website is taking more time to load, it might mean a loss in a customer. Having a speedy website is very beneficial to improve the visitor's experience. That means more time on your site, which can lead to a sales conversion. If you want your website to perform well, here's what to look for and what you might need to fix.

Benefits to Speed Up Website

User Experience

The primary key to the improvement of the load page speed is visitors' experience. Many users will abandon a website if the page takes over 3 seconds to load. Think of it this way: You have visitors coming over for dinner. They arrive at your house and knock, ready to get the fantastic food you prepared, yet there is no answer. They wait for a second and knock again, no response. Furthermore, they try one more time, but ultimately leave your home starving and upset. No fast loading page, no organic visitors to your pages that would become the customers of your product or service. Google stated that a 1-second delay in load times would decrease visitors satisfaction by about 15%. And many visitors would not buy a product if they are not satisfied with a website's performance.

Now back to the analogy with a different outcome. Your visitors come and knock on your door, and you instantly open the door with open arms. You are showing off the fantastic dinner you have prepared for them. They have the best time and are willing not to leave your place because you were such a great host. Online users want a fast response page where they can roam freely and explore your content and products. Again, the longer they are on your site, the better chance you have to convert.

Reach Your Marketing Goals

There are metrics you should follow when beginning to optimize your website.

Conversion Rate

Like said previously, many consumers would leave a slow website, abandoning any revenue you could have been accumulating. Studies show decreasing a loading time by 1 second can increase the conversation rate up to 20%. Then, on the flip side, a 1-second elongation loading period displayed a 7% loss in conversions.


When finishing your website creation, the primary goal is to attract traffic. However, if the website site runs longer than expected, not even a paid position will benefit you.


Everyone wants to be on the first page of a search in the beginning stages of others discovering your website. The Google PageRank algorithm's goal is to resolve visitors' needs and create a fantastic user experience. Google will penalize websites with a low ranking that fail their standards. Website loading speed is a factor, and optimizing your website speed will reduce bounce rates and increase the number of pages Google can crawl and index, allowing your website to be ranked higher.

How to Fix Your Website

Fixing your website speed can be improved in various strategies, but one common first step is to use Google Page Speed Tool. This tool will give you a score with detailed audits and suggestions to correct those errors.

Using a Good Hosting Service

Web hosting is a top factor that can affect your site's speed. Sites can slow down by hosting companies adding as many websites to one server. You can avoid this by choosing a reliable host. Here are the top web hosting services of 2021 if you need help deciding a reliable one. https://www.techradar.com/web-hosting/best-web-hosting-service-websites

Cleaning Your Code

When people think of coding, many think of someone typing profusely on the keyboard, putting in unrecognizable numbers and letters in a black box- it can be a daunting task. For this, you would simply delete the JavaScript files you do not use or need another more. JavaScript is used to the customizer when creating them, yet many don't use every feature provided. Therefore, site owners should keep the files you use and delete the rest. For this, business owners may need professional help for this task.

Continue Reviewing Your Site Speed

Improving your site speed will not be done in one sitting. While you progressively improve the site speed, checking your site's performance throughout the purpose will be best. You want to ensure you are going in the right direction and not aimlessly going into a dead end and wasted time.

Work with Our Team!

Have a faster website means more customers, more conversations, and less worry. Keep working towards a 3-second website load time, and you will also see a difference in organic visitor traffic. With this continued progression, you might be on the first page of Google and in the SERPs due to your efforts! If you are a small business owner and thinking of upgrading your website, visit our link to schedule time to talk to our team about all your social media needs!


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