What Should a Small Business Post On Social Media?

What Should a Small Business Post On Social Media?

Are you a small business that is new to social media? Are you confused about what you should be posting? It can feel like a daunting task, especially when you don't even know where to start. We're here to shed some light on what you should be filling your socials with!

Personal Content

- We've mentioned this tip in previous blog posts but it is a top tip for posting! It's vital to your business to share what makes your business unique - the people! Your audience doesn't want to see exclusively business-oriented content, they want to see a look into your personal life too. Show your office party or work anniversaries, share victories and celebrate the people behind the business. Including content that is centered around the people will give your brand a sense of trustworthiness - your customers will realize they are talking to and working with REAL people! Start with a meet the team post and go from there!

Unique Per Platform

- No matter what you're posting, keep in mind that not every post needs to be on every platform. Think about what each platform is used for… Instagram is very visual and also fairly causal, but LinkedIn is used for more thought-leadership. Take this into consideration when you choose what to post on each platform. Plenty of content can go on all platforms, but others you might want to select specific platforms based on what the content is trying to accomplish. Take into consideration how your audience differs per platform too!


- Creating a series within your industry is always helpful. Not only can you share valuable information but, you'll be able to leave your audience wanting more! The beauty of a series is that it can be on anything you'd like and as long as you choose. Some easy topics for series would be: tips from experts, fun facts about your team, etc. Come up with a series that is unique to the information you can provide or the product you carry!

Giveaway / Contest

- Hosting a giveaway knocks out two birds with one stone - not only does it give insight to your product but doubles as an engaging post that will gain you followers. For a giveaway or contest, it's important to entice your audience with a prize or reward for participating and at the same time you can have them invite friends to your social profiles!

Short Form Video

- This is all the rage on social media right now! From Instagram reels to YouTube shorts to TikTok - all video that is getting priority within the algorithm is short form! Take a look at trending sounds and give it a try! Video can seem intimidating but the beauty of modern technology is that you can do it from your phone. We've got plenty of fun reels you can take inspiration from on Instagram! Another bonus of short form video is what they contain, they can be informational but they can also just be comical! Going back to what I said about personal content, it shows the lightheartedness of the people behind your business and will make your audience more inclined to work with you. Speaking of comedy…

Memes / Trending Topics / National Holidays

- Sharing memes and trending topics is a great way to show your audience that you're with the times and can have a sense of humor. The beauty of social media is that it doesn't have to be serious all the time! Even when it's a business account, it's important to post some light and comical things too. Trending topics are also incredibly beneficial, and they're easy to hop into because yesterday's news is always at the forefront of today's social posts! National holidays are another fun post whether it's National Pet Day or National Margarita Day - create a fun and engaging post that invites your audience to share their take on the holiday too. Here's a great opportunity to go local and tie in other small businesses in your area - depending on the holiday, a collaboration is always a bonus! It will allow for you to get exposure in a brand-new sector.

If you're new to social media and wondering what you should be posting, we hope this gave you some ideas! But, if you would rather leave the social strategy to the professionals, we don't blame you. Click here to schedule a free consultation to start Turning Social Into Sales!


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