Understanding Google Ad Extensions

Google ads are a great way to advertise your company to people who are searching for terms related to your field… But how do you get your ads seen when so many other companies are advertising with Google Ads? You add extensions! Extensions are a great way to get your ads seen. However, understanding how to create them and use them to your advantage is important to increase traffic to your website.

How do I create an extension?

In the Google Ads dashboard, click the account you want to add extensions for. On the left side of the screen, you'll see "Ads & extensions," click that, then click "Extensions." In order to create a new extension, click the blue plus sign.

What extensions can I add?

Google Ads gives you the ability to create many eye-catching extensions to pull the viewer in. This is a great way to get them to engage with your ad. Let's talk about the different extensions you can add to make your ad stand out!

Sitelink Extensions

Your website has different pages than just the home page, so why not show the other pages on your website? This is a great way to show what you have to offer while giving the viewer a chance to click straight to the portion of your website that interests them! If you're a financial advisor offering different services, you can link to each page on your website that details the services. For instance, if you offer "Retirement Planning" and "Investment Advice," you can link to both of those on your website.

Don't have different pages for your many services? Link to fun parts of your website like "Meet The Team" and "About Us" to show the viewers what your company is all about!

Callout Extensions

What is unique about your company? What sets you apart from the rest? These things can be used as callouts! Are you wondering what callouts are? They're phrases added to the end of your ad descriptions that mention the unique things about your company. Do you offer 24/7 customer service? What about free shipping? These are things you can add as callouts. When your ad shows to a viewer, two to six of the callouts will be featured in your ad. Show the viewer what sets you apart from the rest, and convince them to use your company rather than anyone else!

Structured Snippet Extensions

Though structured snippets seem similar to callout extensions, don't be fooled… You should have both of these extensions set up for your ads! Structured snippets are meant to show viewers the different parts of your products and services. For instance, if you offer services, you can click the "Service catalog" header and list out every service your company has to offer. Do you have certain amenities that you're proud of? Choose the "Amenities" header and list off all of the amenities you offer. This is a great way to have transparency with the viewer, so they can see if your company is the right fit for them. For instance, if someone is searching for tire repair, and they see it on your list of services, they'll be more inclined to click your ad and possibly convert to a customer! Try to add at least 4 values for each of your headers, though not all of these values will show on every ad.

Remember: Make sure the header you choose relates to the phrases you type in. If not, this extension could be disapproved. For instance, if you choose "Service catalog" as the header, then list out locations your company can be found, since these do not correlate your extension might not be shown.

Call Extension

A call extension is pretty straightforward - it's a way to get people to call your business! This is a great extension for Traffic ad because these ads don't provide an easy way for the viewer to call your company. Adding a call extension means the viewer is one click away from calling your business and possibly becoming your next client!

Location Extension

Trying to increase foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store? Google has the perfect extension for you! Adding a location extension to your ad means there will be a clickable link with your address, making it easy for the viewer to click your address and navigate their way to your store!

Affiliate Location Extension

Do you sell a product through another store, rather than your own brick-and-mortar store? If so, then you may want to use an affiliate location extension. This gives you the ability to link the address of stores that sell your products so that potential customers can go and buy your product. It's a great way for the viewer to find the most convenient location for them!

Price Extension

If your company offers services at fixed prices, then it's important to be transparent about the costs of your services. That's where the price extension comes in! This extension shows what your pricing is for different services, and shows the viewer the price they can expect to pay. An added bonus of this extension is the link on each service - The viewer can click the link, which takes them straight to that service on your website.

App Extension

Does your company have an app? Increase the number of downloads by adding the app extension to your ads. This extension will appear as a button at the bottom of your ad that allows an easy install. All the viewer has to do is click "Install"! However, if your goal is solely to drive downloads, rather than having it as an addition to your ad, it would make more sense to create a separate app promotion ad.

Promotion Extension

Do you currently have a special sale or promotion? A promotion extension highlights your promotion in the ad so that people know they'll be getting a great deal when they purchase from you. You can also turn off the extension as soon as the sale is over, so running a promotion extension is easy for you as a seller!

In Conclusion…

Google Ads has many features to help you get calls to your business, traffic to your site, and much more. Though there are many other features to Google Ads than just extensions, adding relevant extensions is the perfect way to differentiate your ad from the rest. It's important to decide what extensions make sense for your business, and what you want to highlight in your business. Don't worry about adding too many extensions, though, because Google Ads will test out the different extensions on different ads. This means that all of the extensions won't show at once.

Google Ads is complicated, and extensions can be overwhelming, especially when you have a business to run! If learning Google Ads seems too daunting, head over to tryhyperchat.com and schedule a consultation with us so that we can help you turn Social Into Sales!


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