The 5 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2021

5 Most Effective Types of 

Social Media Advertising in 2021

In 2021, brands can simply not afford to be a part of the digital marketing landscape - let alone the social media advertising landscape. Social media platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, know the value proposition they add to brands using social media marketing.

Following the lead and success of the Facebook Advertising platform, other platforms have followed suit with rolling out their own advertising platforms. So the question is, which are the most effective types of social media advertising in 2021?


Out of all the social media advertising platforms, Facebook has been in the paid advertising for the longest, as it is one of the largest platforms in terms of daily users. Did you know that, according to Statista, Facebook has over 2.8 billion monthly users? In terms of numbers alone, Facebook presents the biggest opportunity to brands in getting in front of new customers.

Facebook also supplies advertisers with the most audience insights of any platform - as the platform is notorious for storing data on its users. This stored data allows advertisers to narrow down their ideal audience accurately and allows the advertiser to cater their campaign message to coincide with users' interests, life events, online behaviors, and more.

The Facebook Advertising platform offers companies various options - you can run a lead generating ad, a page promotion ad, or even a traffic ad. The countless options available provide companies with a valuable strategy no matter what kind of business you're in.

Knowing how to optimize these strategies and building a sales funnel is a different story that requires a whole bunch of trial and error to see which efforts produce the highest ROI for your business. If you'd like a turnkey solution to Facebook ads, be sure to book a consultation with us!


An extremely popular, and still rising in numbers of daily users, platform to watch out for when it comes to social media advertising in 2021 is Instagram. The best thing about Instagram paid efforts, are they are tied directly into the Facebook advertising platform. When creating a Facebook ad, users can select the platform of Instagram as a placement, along with Facebook, Audience Network, and Messenger.

When the Instagram placement is selected, the ad created within the Facebook ad platform will be shown in-feed on Instagram on the account associated with your Facebook page. This allows you to find that specific audience you created for your Facebook ad, on Instagram.

Instagram also offers in-app promotions that are similar to a boosted post on Instagram. Advertisers can allocate some marketing dollars to get their Instagram posts seen by more people and increase their reach all around on the platform. The audience for the promotion can be built right inside of the app, and users can manage the promotion in-app as well.


Google, or search engine marketing, is among the most popular platforms offering paid advertising in 2021. Google Ads are key to generating traffic and leads, as well as increasing call volume to your business. Whether you're a store looking to sell merchandise, a financial advisor looking for new clients, or a new company simply trying to get your name in front of people, Google Ads are the perfect way to get in front of people searching for what you offer.

The unique aspect of Google Ads is that they are based around keywords. Advertisers can bid on keywords associated with the products they sell or the services they provide. Google places your ad in front of a user that is active in the buying process, versus Facebook and Instagram where the name of the game is brand awareness.


With the pandemic, small businesses had to find innovative ways to get business booming since the shutdowns. A big trend going into 2021 is the increase of small businesses getting in the action of paid social and increasing involvement in their own local community. NextDoor is a local social network organized by neighborhoods. Originally, the platform found its audience with local users to share ongoings of the neighborhood, buying and selling goods, promoting local community events, and even features a lost and found section.

Each user on NextDoor uses their real name and is a verified member of the neighborhood community which establishes a sense of trust and authenticity that other platforms are missing. Local businesses can have their own profile pages on NextDoor as well. Businesses can post twice a month at no charge, and build up followings through recommendations and reviews.

In 2017, NextDoor opened its doors to the world of paid social advertising. Local businesses can place ads to certain neighborhoods and advertisers pay by popularity of zip code against other advertisers on the platform - similar to Google's bidding method on key words.

NextDoor advertising presents a unique opportunity to increase exposure and visibility to users on a platform that is founded on the ideas authenticity and trust and backed by community support for local businesses.


Pinterest is one of the greatest platforms to showcase your business and what you sell. It is a place where you can find inspiration, drive traffic back to your website, and even turn your pins into sales!

When it comes to advertising on social platforms, Pinterest is an excellent place for promoting your business. Why? Well, Pinterest doesn't try rope users into staying on their platform all the time. Pinterest actually considers itself a search engine. What this means is that people typically use Pinterest to get ideas for what to do or buy next, so they are already in that decision making mode. Advertising on Pinterest is a great way to get your brand to reach a broader audience that is ready to take action.

While all of these platforms offer great opportunities for exposure, it's important to take a look at your marketing goals to understand which platform is the best fit. Wondering how to create your own social media marketing plan for 2021? We'd love to talk through your goals and help build a strategy from the ground up. Click here to schedule a free consultation!


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