The 10 Best LinkedIn Headlines That Will Grab Your Attention

As one of the early adopters on LinkedIn, I was toying around with my headline before it's become vogue today. Marketers are starting to really understand that telling people you are CEO, Vice President at the Bank, or an engineer for a software company isn't going to catch the eyeballs of prospective clients or recruiters depending on where you want to concentrate your marketing. I thought I would share the 10 best LinkedIn headlines that grabbed my attention and may help you the next time you think about updating yours.

Here are ones you can learn from……

What's the point? The point is that you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of someone viewing your profile. Saying you are CEO, VP, or Manager may not be enough anymore. If your company won't let you change your title, tell them why it will benefit the organization long term to make the change.

  1. Be clear if you use five or six bullet points (See Jay S.)
  2. Can you describe what you do in 200 characters?
  3. What would grab the attention of a prospect when they get to your profile?
  4. Can you define who you are (See "The Copier Guy")
  5. Perhaps give away a phone number or a link to a site.

Getting the attention of people is getting harder and harder on LinkedIn. You've got to constantly hone and refine your profile if you want more people to stop, read, and take action when they get to your profile.


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