Spring Cleaning Your Social Media Accounts

When the yellow dust comes down here in Atlanta, you the change of seasons are in full swing. When Spring hits us, we start cleaning out our closets and getting the clothes we wear for the warmer seasons front and center. Since you'll be snapping some new pictures for the Spring and Summer, maybe it's time to start doing some Spring cleaning of your social media accounts. Here are five tips on how to Spring clean your social media.

  1. Add A Video To Your Cover Photo- Almost every Facebook profile I still see today is using a regular picture. Most people don't realize you can simply take a short video with your phone and upload a video profile to your Facebook account. If your goal is to have people spend more time on your page and engage your viewers, then getting a video to your cover photo will help increase those results.
  2. Change Your Call To Action Button- Not seeing the results you want when people hit up your Facebook page? It may just be that your call to action button isn't doing the job. So, you might want to change that button from Book Now to Learn More or give away something free instead of asking for an immediate appointment.
  3. Rearrange your photos and videos- You should be looking at your social media reports closely to figure out what articles people are clicking on or what photos or videos are getting people to take action. Then, you might want to consider repurposing some of those articles, posts, or photos in order to get people to see more of what's actually working for you.
  4. Go Native for 30 days- Almost every single social media platform allows for live native video these days. This includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and more. The reason is that video delivers a superior result for time on your page and number of people viewing your page versus a regular static post. Remember, we learn much better from what we see versus what we read. Get out your mobile phone for the month of April and shoot just one video a day on something leadership, marketing, or just plain socially related.
  5. Throw Away What's Not Being Used Anymore- Way back a year or two ago, you might have had an interesting idea for a social media post that you thought was going to get people to take action and it ended up being a lead balloon. Go into your blog, your Facebook, or your Instagram and take down old posts that aren't reflective of the brand you are building or simply just couldn't get anybody to like or comment on it when you posted the picture.


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