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Are you trying to grow a following for your chiropractic business? It can be difficult to get creative when you're so close to an industry, so taking a step back and researching the best social media practices can help you. Hey, you're already doing that! Congratulations, you're on your way to making a social media following as a chiropractor! So, what you're probably wondering next is how to create social media profiles for chiropractors that will convert to clientele for your practice. Look no further, because you've found the perfect guide to do just that! Whether you're looking for general management tips for your page or even ideas for content, keep reading to learn more!

Utilize Instagram Live!

After you've gained some followers on Instagram, focus on maintaining your social presence and warming to your audience. Try having a regular Instagram Live series where you give tips to help people maintain a healthy spine while living their day-to-day lives. One idea you can expand on is a weekly stretching series. Early in the morning (before people head off to work) or later in the evening (after people get home from work), you can go live on Instagram and demonstrate stretches that your followers can follow along with. What's better that starting off your day with a relaxed body, or ending your workday releasing the stress of the day?

And don't forget to promote the live series on Instagram before you go live! Make a post telling people when to tune in so that they're prepared to follow along.

Create Your Own Social Media Series

People love tips, especially when they're coming from professionals. For years you've given your patients tips on how to stand, sit, and move around without messing up their posture, so why not treat your social media followers the same way? Posting tips on social media with photos, videos, or diagrams can be very helpful to your followers. Explain the best way to sit at their desks during work or how often they get up from their desk and walk around, explain the best positions for lying in bed, or the best ways to sit in a car for a long time without ruining their posture. Share whatever tips you think can be helpful to people in order to maintain a healthy posture. Giving these small tips can not only help your patients maintain a healthy posture but can also show your followers that you really know what you're talking about.

You can even create a hashtag that correlates with the series like #SpineSunday or #TipTuesday! This way, your followers can always easily find your helpful tips by searching the hashtag.

Find A Way To Set Yourself Apart From Other Chiropractors

Let's face it, there are many chiropractors in the world, and a good chunk of them have social media accounts. So, how will you differentiate from the rest? Find something that sets you apart. It can be something as simple as a social media series or Instagram Live series (both mentioned previously), or it can be specifics about your chiropractic business. Show your audience something different in order to keep their interest. All chiropractors can make social media accounts, but only you can make a unique account specific to you and your practice! Prove to your audience that your content is worth their follow!

Highlight Your Team of Chiropractors

If you're managing social media pages for your entire practice, highlight members of the team! When people are searching for chiropractors, they can find these posts and see you on a more human level rather than transactional. Include fun facts about each team member along with their specialty in the practice and highlights about their career. This will make your audience feel closer to you and your co-workers, making them more likely to come back to your practice.

Share Outside Sources Related To Chiropractors

Have you recently read an interesting article related to the chiropractic field? Maybe you shared it on your personal Facebook page, or maybe you just kept it to yourself, but sharing it to your practice's social media pages will share the news with your followers! Like all of the previous tips mentioned, this will help you strengthen your relationships with your followers, and potentially turn them into your clients!

For some extra content, you can even try posting about upcoming events and news in your area. Post an article about the fall festival happening soon in your town, or the new store opening soon. Your local audience will appreciate the head's up!

Have Fun!

Though your main goal is to increase your clientele, jazzing up your profiles so that anyone would want to follow you is always a good idea! Remember the more engagement, the better! A good way to increase engagement can be asking your audience questions. Ask them about their weekend plans, or what their favorite part of the holiday season is… Warm your audience up and keep their attention by adding these kinds of posts into your regular mix of content. They'll come for the fun posts and stay for the interesting chiropractic information that you teach them!

Keep Your Information Current

Content isn't the only thing you should be keeping track of on your social media page. Make sure all of your information is current! When people find your profile and decide to try you out as their new chiropractor, they'll use the information in your profile in order to find your practice. If they click a link to your website that doesn't work, or call a phone number that's no longer in service, they'll move on to other chiropractors. Don't lose business simply because you forgot to update your contact information!

If you move to a new building or get a new phone number, or even update your URL, update your information in your profile. You can also use this information as content. Posting a cute picture of your new building with a caption about your recent move is interesting, and it will alert your current clients so that they know where to go the next time they need an adjustment. Making a simple post with your new phone number has the same effect - it allows your current clientele to keep track of how to communicate with you!

Check Your Direct Messages

Every so often, your public page could get a direct message from a possible client asking for more information about your practice. Don't lose the client by leaving the message unread! Remember to check your direct messages every time you look at your notifications so that you can respond to these people in an efficient manner. If you leave their message unread for too long, they could find other chiropractors. Be accessible to your followers by always replying to your direct messages.

Overall, building a social media presence for yourself can be extremely helpful for your business because it allows more people to see you and it makes you and your practice seem more approachable and personable. Start building your social media profiles now

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