Should My Business Instagram Account Be Public or Private?

Should My Business Instagram Account Be Public or Private?

When it comes to social media, Instagram is a popular platform for businesses to be on. It's easy to use, it has more engaging content, and its hashtags are more influential than Twitter. This tends to be some of the main reasons why many businesses start their social media journey through Instagram, but before they begin businesses must decide whether their account should be public or private.

Before we begin our deep dive, let me clarify that if you have a Business Instagram account, it cannot be private. If you want your account to be private, you will need to switch it to a personal account.

Having a private Instagram account means "you have control over who can see your Instagram posts, who comments on your posts, who follows you, and can also limit how others interact with your Instagram account." Many people choose to have their accounts private for many of the following reasons:

  • If the user doesn't fit the demographic or audience you're trying to build, you don't have to accept their follow request.
  • You can filter out users who have been harassing your business account.
  • It is more difficult for competitors or other users to try and copy your content.
  • A private account can create a sense of exclusivity which means more followers.
  • If a user sends your post to someone that is not following your account, they must follow you to view the post.
  • You're informed when you lose a follower

However, since you have to switch your account to personal in order to be private, you cannot track analytics.

On the other hand, having a public Instagram account means anyone and everyone can view your posts, comment and like your posts, and follow you when they please. Some businesses might want their Instagram accounts to be public for any of the following reasons:

  • Their profile can reach a wider audience.
  • Businesses can add better contact options such as call, email, or message.
  • You can display your industry on your profile.
  • Able to advertise and promote posts.
  • Many of your posts or stories can receive more engagement.

Knowing the benefits of having a private vs. public Instagram account is a key decision for your business' success. Many users love having a private account, but some choose to avoid the stress of accepting requests and messages and choose to have a public account. You're the only one that knows your business better than anyone.


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