Prepare Your Social Media For A Season Change

Have you noticed the crunch of leaves under your feet? Do you feel the cool air on your skin? Are you sipping a seasonal pumpkin spice latte? These changes can only mean one thing… The season has changed and Fall is finally here!

It's time to put away your shorts and flip flops, and trade them in for cozy sweaters and warm boots because the new season is officially upon us! This change in season is a welcome one, especially when it feels like summer lasts forever. The change in season is a perfect reminder that, like the weather, your content doesn't have to stay the same forever.

Your content is important. After all, it represents your brand. Having stale content can be the difference between getting a client or getting unfollowed. The weather is changing outside, which is a perfect reminder that your content may need a change, too! Will your brand be ready for the chilly weather, or will it be left out in the cold?

It's time to look through your social media feeds and think hard about whether your social needs a change. If you stumbled upon a social media feed just like yours, would you interact with it or would you ignore it? Maybe it's time for your social media to get a seasonal change!

Even if you're happy with the direction your social media accounts are going, trying some minor changes can still help you appeal to a wider audience and understand the many capabilities of your brand. Making slight tweaks and adding in some fun details can help you increase engagement, followers, and sales.

Are you ready to change your content as the season changes? Check out these tips!

Get excited for the holidays

Fall is loaded with some of the most fun holidays of the year, so why not incorporate them into your content? Post some spooky content in October, wish your followers a happy Thanksgiving in November, and create your own winter wonderland for the December holidays! Though you may be more drawn to evergreen custom branding content, posting about the season change and the holidays helps your followers feel closer to your brand by relating to it. So why not try a few posts here and there to see how they perform? They could help attract more people to your social media profiles.

Try a style change

In summer, you wear shorts and flip flops, but in fall, you wear cozy sweaters and warm boots. You don't have to commit to one style for the whole year because your outfits change accordingly with the seasons. Try doing the same with your content. If you've been posting the same style of graphics over and over again, try mixing it up! Look into different designs, fonts, and even colors to make your content fresh and ready for the season. You don't have to do a complete cleanout (after all, we aren't spring cleaning yet!) but playing around with your content can help you avoid getting stuck into a routine of boring posts. It's time to make your content as interesting as your company! Your followers will appreciate the large array of content you have to offer, rather than seeing the same post with slightly different changes over and over again.

Create new goals

Typically, people set major goals at the beginning of the year, but there are always small goals we have in our minds every season. During the summer, you may be thinking "I will get to the beach at some point!" and during winter, you may have some other small goal. Try this with your content. Set a small intentional goal that you can work towards during the season. Do you want your Instagram page to finally get its 5,000th follower? Do you want to get at least 100 likes on each of your posts? Set a goal and stick with it to the end of the season, then see the results. Even if you don't reach your goal, your social media will still be in a better place than if you hadn't set the goal at all!

Out with the old, in with the new

During Fall, you can watch the leaves change from green to brown, and slowly make their way to the grass, leaving the tree bare and ready to grow new leaves. Try doing this with your social media profiles. Look through each of your accounts and see what you need to get rid of to make way for something new. Do you need new bios, new cover photos or new profile photos, new URLs? Clean out your old information to make way for the up-to-date information you want your followers to see! You can even sort through your content - do you have very old posts that don't match your brand anymore? It's time to delete them! Clean out your social media feeds so that you have a cohesive message that your audience is able to understand.

Get cozy

What's better than cozying up on the couch with your warm coffee and fuzzy blanket? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's indulgences like this that make the season as fun as possible. Though you aren't laying on the couch the entire season (well, hopefully you're not), treating yourself to these simple indulgences makes you happy. It's time for your content to make you happy, too! Try some content you've always wanted to do but never got around to, create graphics that you love. Though you may not be creating custom branding, the effort and love that you put into each social media post will show to your audience. Are you excited about sweater weather? Make a post about the welcomed change of season!

Get ready for the next season

Though we are only nearing the end of September, many people have winter holidays on their minds. They start shopping and preparing in Fall for events that won't even show up until Winter. Try thinking ahead with your content. Strategize what you want to accomplish with your content and think of things such as a new posting schedule, new audience, or new content. Think ahead and start planning how you want to roll out your new strategy so that when the time comes, you'll be ready to go! Make sample content, write down some ideas, and discuss what you're hoping for with your team. Having a game plan in place will help you better understand where you want your content to go next compared to where your content is now.

Though these are only a few ideas, there are plenty of ways you can change up your content and create a new season of branding for your company. And though these are Fall-specific, you can try your own changes each season to see what works the best with your brand! Your social media is unique, just like your company, so playing around with content to see what works best for you is key to finding the right formula for your social media feeds!

Fall is a great time for new beginnings, so changing up your content is a great way to make fresh content and it's the perfect way to prepare for your launch into the next year. Are you ready to make a change with your social media? Head over to to get started on a strategy change for your social media!


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