Podcasting: The Underrated Social Media Marketing Tool

Podcasting: The Underrated Social Media Marketing Tool

When you think of social media marketing chances are the first few platforms that come to your mind are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Most likely you think of posting and promoting through these platforms using engaging content and catchy hashtags. However, with the social media realm being as large as it is there are many alternatives to your traditional marketing outlets, one of those being podcasting.

Podcasting is not a new form of social entertainment by any means. It got its start around 2005 and has steadily grown into a mainstream medium since then. When most people think of podcasts, the many true crime and talk show podcasts come to mind. But there are a growing number of businesses who have turned to the microphone to promote their brand. Some of those are ZipRecruiter with "Rise & Grind", Blue Apron with "Why We Eat, What We Eat", and Hyperchat Social with "Opening Statements." (Subscribe Here) These businesses have taken advantage of the many marketing benefits a podcast can offer.

If you are even slightly interested in the possibility of creating a podcast for your company, here are a few reasons why you might want to jump all in on the idea.

1. Connect with your clients, audience, etc. on a deeper level

Most social media content is meant to be consumed quickly, but podcasts are different. On average, a podcast episode could range anywhere from 30 min to an hour. This length gives the creator more time to connect with their audience, convey their message, and promote their business. The extended consumption time helps to foster an atmosphere that encourages listeners to engage with the content longer, therefore, exposing them to the business or brand more.

2. Establish yourself as a resource in your industry

As mentioned before, the world of podcasting is home to thousands of shows covering an array of topics. However, it seems that people are always looking for new subject matter to hyper-focus on. In comparison, if the podcast realm was Google, it would be lacking when it comes to having the answers to every question one could ask. This means that there are still many areas of expertise, topics, and fresh points of view that could be shared. Creating a podcast could be a great way for you to either start the conversation about a topic no one has discussed or bring a fresh perspective to an already explored subject. Either way, it is a great avenue to establish your brand or business as a valued resource in your industry.

3. Reach a new audience

Along with connecting with your existing audience or clientele, starting a podcast could be a wonderful way to reach a new audience you haven't had the chance to speak to yet. People are always looking for new podcasts to listen to and follow along with. This untapped audience could be potential customers and supporters you may not have been able to reach through standard means of marketing.

4. Set yourself apart from the competition

Everyone uses social media these days and it is one of the largest constantly growing marketing avenues. Podcasting however is an avenue that many businesses have yet to tap into. Along with the many reasons listed starting a podcast could be a great way to blaze your trail within your industry. It is a flexible and engaging medium that appeals to many people. This versatility offers a chance for you to be able to break away from the competition and bring something new and exciting to the table.

Whether you've already purchased your podcast kit from Amazon, or the idea just came to mind, if you are considering starting a podcast, do it. You never know how your voice could reach new people and grow your business. Who knows? There may be someone out there just waiting for you to pick up a microphone.


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