Nine Reasons To Do A Facebook Live Video For Your Business

We know that live video is the most immersive way to connect with your prospects and clients no matter what platform you choose. You can be a great writer or photographer, but nothing replaces the connectivity people have through videos especially when they are interactive. If you haven't done a Facebook live video yet, I recommend that you give a shot. It doesn't even have to do anything with your business, but you'll quickly see how voyeurism hasn't lost its luster. Here are nine reasons you should do a Facebook live video.

  1. Notifying your followers when you go live- It always starts with having lots of followers, but once you do you can quickly notify them as soon as you go live if you didn't plan the broadcast in advance. You'll be surprised how quickly eyeballs get up on your video.
  2. Ability to save and immediately share the live broadcast after it's ended on your Timeline, which then becomes a permanent video- What's great about live content is that it remains on your timeline so those that are browsing your page may stop to watch a video or two of you (your business) and get engaged to take some action.
  3. Allows users to interact in real-time with both comments and reactions- If you are talking to your phone just as if someone was actually there, you can get live interaction with people watching the video. If you notice someone familiar on the video that you want to shout out to while you are live that is a good idea as well to pick up the interaction.
  4. Both Page admins and designated "live contributors" can go live on a Page- This allows you to have multiple people at the same time on the live video.
  5. Lightweight video metrics, showing views and engagement metrics- Even though these aren't heavy duty, given that Facebook is looking for those organic likes and comments, live video will be your quickest way to get there.
  6. Ability to pin comments to the bottom of a video, bringing it to the attention of other viewers
  7. Split-screen videos allowing you to invite contributors to join you live- What's cool about this feature is that you can bring several people on at one time to create increased engagement of the live video especially if you are doing a panel.
  8. The ability to use both forward facing and self-facing cameras, even switching between them during a broadcast- I did this recently on a chairlift in Capri which helped the viewers talk to me and then have me show them the beautiful island.
  9. You can plan your live broadcast in advance- You can let your followers know days in advance of the broadcast so you can maximize the audience.

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