New 2022 Instagram Features You Should Know

There is no denying how powerful Instagram as both a social media platform, and for our clients. We are still in the first half of 2022, but Instagram is making waves with their platform updates that have caused debates far and wide. Today, we are going to walk you through what you need to know for your business!

Pinned Posts on Profiles

This is something that is a long time coming! With platforms like TikTok and Twitter allowing you to "pin" your most-proud content to the top of your profile, it is no surprise that Instagram wants to jump on the bandwagon, too. Currently, Instagram is beta testing this feature for select users. To see if you are one of them, you'll click on the three dots in the corner of your post and if you see "Pin to your profile" on the list, you are one of the lucky few!

This idea is being heavily debated because a lot of users would agree that their "pinned" posts are their Instagram Story highlight tab. Instead, this would allow you to choose which top 3 posts are featured at the top of your Instagram feed for quick viewing. While being able to choose which 3 is a great feature, it will actually be a pretty difficult decision! You will need to decide what pillars to make on this first road of your feed. Will you be promoting a discount? Displaying your best performing posts? We're looking forward to testing new theories to see which formula give the best return for our clients!

Hashtags Don't Matter (As Much) Anymore

There's the age-old debate that we discuss with almost all of our clients. Do hashtags really matter when it comes to how your posts perform on Instagram? Honestly, all that matters is how the algorithm is favoring hashtags moving forward, as their priority has fluctuated over the years. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently stated that hashtags don't really help increase views. Their goal isn't to help you increase your impressions, but better categorize your content so that it's easier to find by the right people. Recent studies have shown that the number of hashtags you use have no significant influence on distribution.

So, how many hashtags should you use in 2022? Research is showing that the larger your account is, the fewer hashtags you should use. We recommend using 3-4 hashtags per post on Instagram so that you can be found in the right category. If the right people are looking at the right posts, they are more likely to engage with your content. This will promote your post organically, because it will show Instagram that those in your bubble find your content interesting enough for them to take action.

Keep in mind, when using hashtags, stay away from jargon or keywords from your specific industry. Using these types of hashtags could attract your competitors rather than people within your audience. Instead, try to think of hashtags people within your audience would follow. By placing yourself in your audience's shoes, you can get a better reach organically.

Another aspect to consider when choosing the hashtags for your content is the reach and size within the specific hashtag. If you are using one that is overloaded with content daily, your posts will be lost. If you are unsure, you can be safe by choosing medium sized hashtags with between 50,000 and 500,000 posts using the tag.

Moving forward, you can focus your efforts on just a few hashtags that are relevant to your business rather than overloading your post with every hashtag that comes to mind.

Instagram Reels Updates

Since being released in 2020, Instagram Reels have been rapidly gaining popularity. With the addition of the Reels feature, Instagram has been updating and adding new features to make this method of posting more engaging. Currently Reels allows:

  • Music: you can add your choice of a song and adjust the sound with the sound of the original video.
  • Text: You can write over the video of your Reel
  • Voiceover: Reels allows for you to speak over the video you have recorded.
  • Timer: The timer feature allows you to record your reel without having to hold your phone.
  • Stickers: After you finish filming your Reel, you can add stickers.
  • Effects: Same as Instagram stories, you can use an effect for your Reel!

In addition to the current features, Instagram is testing out new features to add for Reels. The new features Instagram is testing with Reels include:

  • Video Layout: This new feature allows for users to capture multiple videos in separate windows one after another and then play them combined.
  • Double exposure: With the double exposure users can capture a photo, and then record a video on top of the image.

With the addition of the new features, Instagram has created more opportunities for users to make their content more engaging and exciting than before!

New Ways to Tags

Product tags have been available for a while now. In the recent updates, this feature in now available to all users. This means your business can tag your products on your posts, as well as your customers tagging your products. Instagram has implemented the use of product tags across all accounts in hopes of allowing users to drive traffic to their website and allow other users to share products they love.

One of the other new features Instagram is Enhanced People tags. With Enhanced People tags, you can now select a category for your page. When your page is tagged on Instagram, it will now display your account name as well as the category you select! This is great for your business as it allows for you to properly categorize their page on the Instagram platform.

As social media is always changing, it can difficult to keep up! At Hyperchat Social, we are staying on top of all updates and changes that come to social media platforms. With the knowledge and expertise of all things social our team is equipped to work to be an extension of your brand on all things social. We take the time to understand you, your business, and your goals. Book a free consultation today to see how we can help your social media strategy go from good to great!


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