National Days Everyone Should Be Posting About

National Friendship Day. National Dog Day. National Spaghetti Day. National Talk Like A Pirate Day.

We see these 'National Days' all-over social media, everywhere we look. It seems like they are happening every day and it seems there is at LEAST one National Dog Day every six months. While all the days can be quite overwhelming to keep track of, they are such a good marketing opportunity for your business or practice.

As I am sure we are all aware, posting consistently to all of your difference social media platforms is vital in this day and age. This being said, you should always be thinking of excuses to post engaging content. And do you know what people love? A national holiday.

Posts regarding these kinds of national days excite your followers because they warrant a response, especially when they pose a question at the end of the post. For example, when posting about National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day (April 30th), you could ask your followers to share their very own pet adoption stories! Your followers love talking about themselves and this is a great way to get them talking!

I know what you are thinking, how are you ever going to have time to post about these holidays and post premium content to your pages every day? No worries. Schedule a demo with Hyperchat Social today to Turn Social Into Sales.

Without further a-do, here is the calendar list of the fun national days you should be aware of!


1st—New Year's Day (Also National Bloody Mary Day!)

3rd—National Humiliation Day

4th—National Spaghetti Day

8th—National Bubble Bath Day

12th—National Pharmacist Day

13th—National Make Your Dream Come True Day

14th—National Dress Up Your Pet Day

17th—National Ditch New Years' Resolutions Day

18th—National Winnie The Pooh Day (Author A.A. Milne's birthday!)

20th—National Cheese Lover Day

21st—Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday (MLK Day is on the third Monday of January!)

24th—National Compliment Day

25th—National Opposite Day

26th—Australia Day

28th—National Have Fun At Work Day

29th—National Corn Chip Day


1st—National Freedom Day

2nd—National Groundhog Day

3rd—National Women Physician's Day

7th—National Send A Card To A Friend Day

8th—National Kite Day

9th—National Bagel Day (Also happens to be National Pizza Day!)

11th—National Make A Friend Day

14th—Valentine's Day (Single's Awareness Day!)

18th—National Drink Wine Day

20th—National Love Your Pet Day

22nd—National Margarita Day

25th—National Clam Chowder Day

28th—National Rare Disease Day


1st—National Read Across America Day (Dr. Suess' birthday!)

2nd—National Speech and Debate Day

3rd—National I Want You To Be Happy Day

6th—National Dentist's Day

7th—National Be Heard Day

9th—National Barbie Day

12th—National Girl Scout Day

13th—National Good Samaritan Day

17th—St. Patrick's Day

19th—National Certified Nurse's Day

20th—National Proposal Day

21st—National Countdown Day

26th—Epilepsy Awareness Day

30th—National Doctors Day


1st—April Fool's Day

4th—National Burrito Day

5th-National Deep-Dish Pizza Day

6th—National Student Athlete Day

7th—National Beer Day

8th—National Winston Churchill Day

10th—National Siblings Day

12th—National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

14th—National Dolphin Day

15th—National Tax Day

17th—National Cheeseball Day

19th—National Hanging Out Day

23rd—National Talk Like Shakespeare Day

25th—National Hug A Plumber Day

26th—National Kids and Pets Day

27th—National Babe Ruth Day

30th—National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day


1st—May Day

2nd—National Life Insurance Day

4th—National Orange Juice Day

6th—National Beverage Day

8th—National Have A Coke Day

9th—National Sleepover Day

10th—National Clean Up Your Room Day

11th—National Eat What You Want Day

12th—National Nutty Fudge Day

15th—National Chocolate Chip Day

17th—National Walnut Day

19th—National Take Your Parents To The Playground Day

22nd—National Solitaire Day

24th—National Scavenger Hunt Day

25th—National Wine Day

28th—National Hamburger Day

31st—National Smile Day


1st—National Go Barefoot Day

3rd—National Egg Day

6th—National Yo-Yo Day

8th—National Best Friends Day

10th—National Iced Tea Day

11th—National Corn On The Cob Day

12th—National Jerky Day

15th—National Nature Photography Day

17th—National Apple Strudel Day

19th—National Garfield The Cat Day

20th—National Vanilla Milkshake Day

23rd—National Hydration Day

28th—National Insurance Awareness Day

30th—National Social Media Day (Hyperchat's favorite day!)


1st—National US Postage Stamp Day

4th—Independence Day (USA)

5th—National Apple Turnover Day

6th—National Fried Chicken Day

7th—National Father/Daughter Take A Walk Day

12th—National Different Colored Eyes Day

13th—National French Fry Day

15th—National Give Something Away Day

17th—National Tattoo Day

18th—National Hot Dog Day

22nd—National Hammock Day

23rd—National Gorgeous Grandma Day

24th—National Tequila Day

28th—National Milk Chocolate Day

29th—National Lasagna Day

31st—National Mutt Day


1st—National Girlfriends Day

3rd—National Georgia Day (Hyperchat's home state)

4th—National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

6th—National Fresh Breath Day

8th—National Happiness Happens Day

10th—National Lazy Day

12th—National Middle Child Day

13th—National Left-Handed Day

14th—National Creamsicle Day

16th—National Tell A Joke Day

19th—National Soft Ice Cream Day

21st—National Senior Citizens Day

22nd—National Tooth Fairy Day

26th—National Women's Equality Day

30th—National Toasted Marshmellow Day


2nd—National Blueberry Popsicle Day

4th—National Newspaper Carrier Day

6th—National Coffee Ice Cream Day

9th—National Teddy Bear Day

10th—National Swap Ideas Day

11th—Patriot Day

13th—National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

15th—National Tackle Kids Cancer Day

18th—National Cheeseburger Day

20th—National Pepperoni Pizza Day

23rd—National Great American Pot Pie Day

25th—National One Hit Wonder Day

26th—National Pancake Day

28th—National Good Neighbor Day

30th—National Chewing Gum Day


1st—National Hair Day

2nd—National Name Your Car Day

3rd—National Boyfriend Day

5th—National Doing Something Nice Day

6th—National Mad Hatter Day

8th—National American Touch Tag Day

10th—National Handbag Day

12th—National Farmers Day

16th—National Dictionary Day

18th—National Get To Know Your Neighbors Day

23rd—National iPod Day

24th—National Food Day

27th—National Make A Difference Day

30th—National Candy Corn Day



1st—National Calzone Day

2nd—National Deviled Egg Day

5th—National Love Your Red Hair Day

6th—National Nachos Day

8th—National Parents As Teachers Day

10th—National Vanilla Cupcake Day

11th—Veterans Day

14th—National Pickle Day

15th—National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

17th—National Homemade Bread Day

19th—National Play Monopoly Day

21st—National Stuffing Day

23rd—National Espresso Day

25th—National Parfait Day

28th—National French Toast Day

30th—National Stay At Home When You Are Well Day


1st—National Pie Day

4th—National Sock Day

6th—National Gazpacho Day

8th—National Brownie Day

9th—National Pastry Day

10th—Nobel Prize Day

11th—National App Day

12th—National Gingerbread House Day

16th—National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day

19th—National Oatmeal Muffin Day

20th—National Sangria Day

24th—Christmas Eve (Also National Eggnog Day!)

25th—Christmas (Also National Pumpkin Pie Day!)

26th—National Candy Cane Day

28th—National Card Playing Day

30th—National Bacon Day

31st—New Year's Eve


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