Make Your Brand More Personable With Social Media

With social media, being an unapproachable company is a thing of the past. Companies can't simply run commercials on TV and call it a day - nowadays their social media profiles can define the likeability of their brand, for better or for worse. Is the company fun and witty? Does the company respond to their followers' questions? These are questions that matter to social media users, and determine how personable your brand truly is.

We are living in an age where random brands can reply to celebrities on Twitter and no one bats an eye - in fact, it's often applauded if the responses are funny enough. There's a huge overlap when it comes to brands on social media. Suddenly, a brand you once thought was just a fast food restaurant is now a funny account that you follow on Twitter. That tweet you posted about an airline is now getting a response from the airline's official account. Social media can be a fantastic platform for creating a personality for your company and connecting with followers in a much more human way. Whether you're interacting through posts or videos, making your company more personable can help grow your following as well as gain trust and confidence in your established followers.

Here are a few tips to make your company more personable on social media:

Use hashtags to your advantage.

Hashtags are huge in the world of social media. You wouldn't dare tweet about your favorite shows, movies or trending topics without the right hashtags at the end of your sentence. You can use this to your business' advantage. On the left side of your Twitter screen, you'll notice trending topics in your area. You can use these to help guide you. When fun hashtags like #TweetLikeThe90s pops up, you can create a new tweet around that to add some humor and fun to your brand. If you aren't feeling any inspiration from the current trending topics, you can use some evergreen hashtags such as #TBT (Throwback Thursday). Have some fun with it! However, make sure to remember you're portraying your brand in your posts. If your tweet doesn't match what your audience would like, maybe take a second look at your tweet and decide if you should post it.

Go live.

Going live on Instagram and Facebook gives an unfiltered look into your company. You can do a simple Q&A, with users asking you questions in the comments, or show your followers something fun happening in the office. Either way, seeing your face and hearing you respond to users' comments while live and in the moment adds a personal touch to your company. Seeing the faces behind the brand makes your business more personable and approachable. Remember: Make sure you know the best ways to utilize the live feature on your social media accounts before you hit the record button!

Engage with others.

Follow people that fit your brand. Interact with other accounts. Respond when someone tags you in a post. Having direct conversations with other accounts that seek you out can help spread your brand's name, not to mention make your company more approachable.

Using these tips can help your company seem more personable and grow your following in the process, and if you want to learn more about building your brand on social media, contact Hyperchat Social at!


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