Instagram's Updated Ranking Algorithm

Instagram's Updated Ranking Algorithm

Instagram is altering the algorithm…AGAIN!

Instagram's new ranking system could cause some content creators and social media managers issues in the initial stages. According to Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, the company is trying to prioritize original content.

New Features

Mosseri noted that Instagram is trying to give more credit to original content creators instead of resharing previously posted content. He also said that the company would do more to value original content.

Many Questions

So what does that mean, exactly? Does it mean your original content will be boosted to a bigger audience? Does that mean that you'll cop a reach penalty on IG if you post content from other platforms? If a bigger platform re-posts your content, that could result in a reach penalty on Instagram.

Mosseri didn't seem overly confident that the company would be able to implement the changes correctly. In response to some of the questions raised on Twitter, Mosseri clarified that content previously posted on other platforms but then uploaded to Instagram would not be affected by the new ranking system. This change comes after Instagram announced in 2017 that it would start enforcing a policy that would prevent re-sharing content previously posted on other apps.

Editing Outside of Instagram

Although the new policy will prevent people from sharing content previously posted on other platforms, Mosseri noted that the change is not aimed at stopping people from editing content outside of Instagram.

Mosseri explained that the company is focusing on content aggregators as the main factor that it uses to determine if a post is original. If an account is an aggregator, Instagram will be able to detect if the content is not authentic. This could mean that re-posting a lot of content from other platforms could cause a reach decline.

Although Instagram is working on its original content ranking system, Mosseri noted that the company doesn't know if a post is original. For instance, if a user uploads a video from another platform, the algorithm might look for similarities between the video and the previously posted content. Which would mean it's going too difficult to identify which account is the original creator and which account is the replicator. For instance, if a user posts a video from another platform, the algorithm might look for similarities between the video and the previously published content.

What's the Solution?

The new system's goal is to give more credit to original content creators and reduce the dominance of content farms and re-posts on Instagram's Explore feed. In addition, the company is also pushing more recommendations into the main feed. Despite the system's shortcomings, Instagram is still working on developing it to improve its detection processes so that Instagram can identify the actual creators of content. Adam Mosseri also pointed out that the company would not allow content farms to take all of the engagement. The change could significantly impact the number of aggregator accounts on Instagram. However, Mosseri noted that the company is still focused on making sure that people continue posting original content.

For brands, the change could have implications for their use of user-generated content and re-using customer posts and updates. It's important to note that this is still a testing phase and that it will come down to how the change affects the app.

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