Instagram Reels For Business

It's time to get Reels!

I'm sure you've heard by now that Instagram released a new feature on their app last month called Instagram Reels. This new feature has created yet another way for people as well as businesses to engage with their audiences on Instagram by utilizing video. First, there were Stories, then there was IGTV, and now Instagram Reels! Over the last few years, video has become a huge trend on social, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that this new video feature has gained a ton of popularity already.

Tik Tok was the first to introduce this type of short video content to the world. After seeing the success and engagement that came from it, Instagram realized they, too, wanted to offer a similar feature to their users resulting in them bringing Instagram Reels to life.

Seeing how well and fast people became fascinated with Instagram Reels, businesses were quick to hop on the trend as well to engage and connect more with their target market. But before we dive deeper into all the benefits that can come from utilizing Instagram Reels for your brand, let's discuss what Reels actually are and how to use them.

…So What Are Instagram Reels Exactly?

Instagram Reels are short video clips that people can post on their feed. The video can be a minimum length of 3 seconds and a maximum length of 15 seconds. When creating video content, there are numerous options. The video can be filmed all in one take or split up into a series of different short video clips. Videos can also be shot straight through the app or can be pre-recorded and then uploaded.

If you've been on Instagram lately, you have most likely come across a Reel or two. Before you start creating one yourself, it's best to go to the Explore tab on Instagram and check some out first. This will allow you to get a feel for what kind of videos people are posting and which Reels resonate more with people.

Now, How Do You Create a Reel?

To begin creating a Reel, you'll either click the camera icon in the top left of your screen on the home page or it will be a '+' sign at the top left of your profile page. Either route you take, you're presented with different content options and then, of course, you'll click Reels. If you're doing it from your Story, it will be located at the very bottom.

After clicking Reels, it will bring you to the Reels creation page where the magic happens. You have the option to either film from there or upload a prerecorded video. On the left-hand side, there will be a list of different, cool features that you can add to your video:

Audio If you have a personal or creator account on Instagram, you'll be able to add trendy music to your videos. Business accounts are unable to add audio to their Reels due to copyright infringement. However, business accounts can use original audio within their video.

Speed This is where you can adjust the speed of your video recording making it go faster or slower.

Effects When you click effects, it will present you with multiple filters you can choose from to include in your video.

Timer This allows you the option to film your video hands-free.

Align After you've recorded a segment, another feature will pop up called align. This comes in handy when you're filming a series of videos for one Reel. It allows users to create smooth transitions in their videos.

For example, people do this to show rapid outfit changes, recipe ingredients, tutorials, etc.

When you have your effects chosen and are ready to film, you'll hold down the Instagram Reels Recording Button. If you want to record in snippets, only hold it down for how long you want to record that snippet. Just remember that the full video cannot exceed 15 seconds. If you record a snippet and realize you want to re-do it and need the last clip deleted without deleting the entire video, simply click the left arrow next to the recording button. There will be a trash can icon where you can delete the previous clip. Simple as that!

Once you are happy with your video, you can click the right arrow next to the recording button and it will present you with some of the same options you have when creating a Story. You can add graphics, text, emojis, GIFs, and even draw on your video. Once you are done with that, you will hit the right arrow again and be moved to a new screen.

This new screen is where you will choose a cover image for your Reel and write a caption. For the cover image, you can either choose a cover from your video or upload a cover of your own. After choosing a cover photo and writing a caption, it will present you with the option to post it on the Explore tab, your feed, send it to a friend(s), and/or post on your own Story. The more places you post, the more likely you'll receive more exposure.

How Can I Utilize Reels For My Business?

Now for the answer to the question we've all been waiting for… How can businesses utilize Instagram Reels to their advantage?

Grow Your Overall Brand

For starters, Instagram Reels are a great way for businesses to grow their brand and boost engagement. Brands can showcase their product or service in a creative, fun, and unique way. This can result in attracting viewers and have the potential of increasing sales and exposure. As people view your Reel, they will also have the option to comment and like your video just like a normal post.

Increase Reach

A big benefit that Reels have over a regular Instagram post is the many different places you can post it. It has the potential of possibly reaching a broader audience. When a Reel is posted to the Explore tab, it can be put in front of people who normally wouldn't see your average post boosting your impressions and reach.

Showcase Personality

Instagram Reels also open the door for businesses to exemplify their personalities further. As you'll see scrolling through the many Reels made by personal accounts on the Explore tab, you will notice their personalities shine out. Brands will be able to do the same and creatively express not only what they offer, but themselves as well in their own authentic way. This can lead your brand to develop a larger following and even gain trust with your audience. Social media users are more likely to follow brands that express more personality, and Reels can help brands do that.

Many businesses have also chosen to create Reels to give behind-the-scene looks at how their business is run and the people behind it. Others, such as fashion brands, have used transitions to display what they're selling. Make-up brands have created Reels displaying the value their products provide to the consumer. Professionals have utilized Reels to offer their expertise and give helpful tips. The options are endless! The more creative your Reel is, the more views and engagement it will most likely receive.

In Conclusion

Instagram Reels have only been available for a month now, but they have taken the world by storm and will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity. As a brand, you need to stay aware of the latest trends on social to stay relevant. And Reels are in right now! It's the new trend, so go ahead and hop on Instagram to check them out and explore the endless opportunities it presents for your brand.

Feel as though you don't have time to manage your social media? That's why we're here - the social media experts! We want to help your business! We'll help you stay in front of your prospects through digital advertising and custom content creation. Schedule a consultation with us today!


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