Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Increase Your Social Media Engagement

How To Grow Your Social Media Engagement

The question everyone wants an answer to: how do I increase my engagement on my social media platforms? This applies to everyone: businesses, influencers, individuals, and more. The more engagement on your platforms could mean more business for you which in turn means more money. There is no secret formula but there are several tactics you can implement.

As a brand or company, good engagement comes across well and shows you are highly respected in the social media world. It's not about numbers either, it doesn't matter if you have ten thousand followers if you are only getting three likes. Good engagement shows that you are making connections and having meaningful conversations with people. This will translate well for your brand or company on and offline.

First, let us define social media engagement. It doesn't only measure likes, but a combined measurement of likes, comments, and shares. Yes, millions of followers look good, but the best measurement of success for social media is an audience that is engaged beyond just a number. Engaging and being active on socials helps a brand build a good reputation with their current customers and comes across well to future customers. There are several variants when it comes to measuring social media engagement; comments, likes, and shares are just a small piece. Click-throughs, mentions, and branded hashtags also play a role in measuring your engagement. A shortened down definition without including all the factors that play into engagement is anytime a person interacts with one of your socials the engagement number increases.

How to Grow Your Engagement

While it is easy to leave social media engagement up to chance and just hope for the best, your followers need some assistance.

First, you need to have a way of measuring your growth. Before implementing your groundbreaking strategy, record where you have started. Copy down your number of followers, your average number of likes, how many shares each post is getting, and any other measurement you want to increase. If you don't know where you started, you won't know where you've gone. This is the first and most important step, so you know what is working and what is not. This should also be an ongoing process, keeping track of numbers and data. And when you reach your goals or above, you'll know how to recreate that process because of the notes and data you tracked.

Deciding Your Goal

After taking note of where you began, you need to choose a strategy. This is going to look different for everyone. A financial company and a bakery will have different goals for their engagements.

Some examples of goals a company or brand might have are generating new customers, educating their customers or potential future customers about the product, creating awareness for your brand. These are just some examples and your strategy can definitely go beyond these, it all depends where you want to focus and grow.

Who Are You Talking To?

If people don't know who you are or like your brand how do you expect to keep them engaged? Knowing your audience is important. As part of your strategy, you'll want to establish your audience. Using the lingo your target market likes will help conversation flow better. Being where your audience is important as well, you'll want to figure out where your audience resides on social media. Whether that's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Tik Tok, all of these platforms have a different audience demographic, so you'll want to make sure your people are there.

Content Creation and Staying Relevant

Once you have established your audience and the reason why you are reaching them, it's time to develop what you want to tell them or show them. This step requires creativity and a vision of how you want to come across to the public eye. Many relevant content pieces can be talking about your products and how you can help your customers. This is important for a business or company but sometimes this can be boring.

Thinking outside the box and going against the norms is where you can thrive on social media. Staying up to date on trends and news can be helpful when creating content. Your audience wants to see funny, engaging, and eye-catching pieces not just talking about yourself. Asking your audience questions or telling them something in the news can be beneficial for creating conversation. The content also depends on which platforms you are using. For Instagram, engaging people with polls and stories can be great. If you are on Tik Tok, staying up to date on trends or making a funny video can be engaging. As always be creative and daring with your content, don't be like everyone else if you have an idea run with it. If you fail you know what doesn't work.

Post frequently, you don't want to leave your followers or potential future customers hanging. Keep them engaged and find a schedule that works best for your followers. Figure out when they are most active online and post then.

Respond, Respond, Respond

I can't emphasize this enough, respond, respond, respond. If someone dm's you respond, if someone comments on your post, respond. And of course, respond in a timely manner, don't let the comment or dm sit for days, this will help facilitate the conversation to keep going. This is an easy way to engage with your followers and to encourage others to engage with you. Showing that your company or brand is more than just robots sending posts out, this humanizes the brand. This shows that their comments or dms are getting seen by real people. And people love when brands respond to their comments.

Take the initiative and start the conversation yourself. If no one is talking start the conversation and people will feel more comfortable responding. Don't just sit around and wait for engagement make it happen yourself, use social media how it is intended. This includes liking posts, commenting , or sending dms to customers or other brands.


Like I said earlier there is no secret formula to increase your social media engagement, but you can create your own recipe. Following these simple steps is just the beginning, keeping up with your recipe is important. But also changing your recipe can be beneficial, by tracking your data you can conclude what has been working and what has not. Failure and success are needed in the process to figure out your best way to grow your engagement. Good luck in the journey of growing your social media engagement. Follow us on socials and keep up with our blogs for more tips and tricks about social media.


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