How To Protect Yourself From Facebook

Facebook put out full-page ads in seven British newspapers and three American newspapers recently to issue a complete apology for the recent privacy scandal that was caught on tape with Cambridge Analytics. This was probably the single largest brutal blow to Facebook as it puts into question the integrity of what they may be doing with your data. This has caused tremendous embarrassment for Facebook and put them in a legal and regulatory nightmare.

The ads come in the form of an apology directly from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who suggests that Facebook is now going to limit the data apps can get when you sign up using Facebook. He suggests that Facebook will limit the information that will get into the hands of others, but in the meantime, you need to make sure you protect yourself.

You may not have remembered over the years when you signed up for some random app or online service, and that you used Facebook as the login to sign up for that app instead of creating a user account. Here are the tips on how to make sure you remove those unwanted apps from taking your data.

  1. Login To Your Facebook Account
  2. Go To Your Dropdown and Click On Settings
  3. Click On The Apps Button Under Settings
  4. Look At All Of The Apps Currently Selected Under Apps And Delete Those Unwanted Apps- Dollars to donuts says that you can't even recall half of these that you signed up for with Facebook. Sometimes, you'll see apps called developer which are really dangerous meaning people are just in there to siphon off your data to sell it or use the information to build their sites.
  5. You need to check the "apps other use" after you check the regular apps you are connected to in order to look at what data people are watching on your Facebook profile.

  6. Check your profile every six months!

By taking these steps with your Facebook profile now, you can better protect your privacy. But, don't fool yourself into thinking that all of a sudden Mark Zuckerberg wants to run a non-profit company. It's not the case at all. As a publicly traded company today, Facebook will still be thinking about hundreds of legitimate ways to get data to those companies who want you to buy their products. Just be careful and don't sign up for any more online services or apps using Facebook.


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