How To: Organically Help Your Social Media Perform Better

Social media is no easy feat, but once you've gotten the hang of consistent posting, branding, and cultivating your online presence - what's next? Your posts are out in the world… Now what?! How can you help it get in front of more people and perform better in general? We get this question all the time! Organic engagement is one of the toughest parts of social media and the algorithm changes all the time - but there are some foolproof ways to organically help your posts do better. They're simple, easy, and effective! Read on to learn more…

1. Like, comment & save the post!

This is the first rule of thumb! It's also the easiest to do… When your post is live - make sure you like the post, comment on it and if you're on Instagram - save it! Saving posts is a little-known fact of Instagram but it makes a big difference in terms of engagement. These three things are the golden ticket combination for the Instagram algorithm. If you want a free boost in impressions - make sure that you do this for every social media post that goes live. As far as comments are concerned, you don't have to write an entire paragraph - sometimes a simple emoji will get the job done! If the post poses a question, answer it. If it's topical, share your two cents. High-quality and engaging content usually will encourage comments, so this step won't be too hard. These three things are the baseline for engagement if you want to stick to the basics - liking, commenting, saving/sharing are your starting points!

2. Share to your story!

This is another Instagram-specific tip - but is applicable to Facebook too! If you share the post to your story, all of your followers will get a chance to see and engage with the post too. Go the extra mile and create a shout-out post on your story. Share the post and then add a comment like, "Check out my business' Instagram! We'd love for you to follow along and see all of our great content!" - this is the extra push some people need to engage with an account! We've talked about creating content that is engaging, eye-catching and high quality - if your followers see you posting that kind of content on your story, it'll pique their interest. That means another impression and a possible like/follower on your hands!

3. Share to your profile & groups on Facebook/LinkedIn!

For Facebook and LinkedIn - similar to Instagram you can share the post with your friends/followers but onto your page instead of a story! Taking the time to share your business' post to your personal page will encourage the people you know to see the post and engage with it as well. If they see that the content is meaningful to you - they are more likely to support it, too. An additional way to help boost the post on these platforms is to share to groups - this is the extra mile when it comes to sharing! If you are a member of any Facebook or LinkedIn groups that include like-minded people or people who share your interests, give them a chance to see the post as well! This widens the reach of the post from your company's audience, to your personal audience, all the way to any member of these groups! The more eyes on the content the more likely it is to receive increased likes, comments, and overall engagement. Take a look at what groups both Facebook and LinkedIn have to offer, whatever industry you are in or interests you have - there's bound to be a group full of people like you! Do some research, explore each site, and see where your content might make the biggest impact, those are the kinds of groups you should join. This will help your content but, it's also a great opportunity to network!

4. Make it a team effort!

If you are able to put all the tips so far into action, you will be helping to boost your business's social media engagement but imagine if every employee at your company does the same thing?! This is crucial! If you can have an entire company's worth of people commenting, liking, saving, and sharing posts - think about the reach they will have! Next time you have a team meeting, bring this up! Show them what each step looks like and encourage them to do this for every post that goes out. You can even set up post notifications that will alert them every time it goes a post goes up! Encouraging your team to actively support your social media platforms is a very simple way to see organic growth! This is another reason that posting personalized/relatable content is so important, if you post a photo of an employee celebrating an accomplishment, everyone will want to share it! Relatable content works the same way, if it's interesting and applicable to their personal account - it's significantly more sharable!

5. Word of mouth!

Sometimes the old-fashioned way doesn't hurt, even in the age of technology! If you're out networking or even just having dinner with friends, organically mention your business' social media! It's typically a popular topic of conversation so, if you see an opportunity just let the people around you know that your business has social media, and you'd love their support. Having QR codes handy with links to your pages is an extra step you can take to make supporting your socials easier! The people in your life support you and your business, this is just an additional step. Once they see how great your content is, you'll have a lifetime follower!

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