How To Make A Great Virtual Introduction

Referrals. Referrals. Referrals. There isn't a business owner or salesperson that I know who doesn't love to get referrals as a new way of doing business. I think we would all universally agree that if you are referred correctly, it is the single best source of marketing we all have for our businesses. Since the old days of handing out cards is going by the wayside, the new way of making virtual introductions is becoming an art form.

Are we lazy? Or is it just technology taking over another part of the way we do business in today's society. The good karma that comes from putting two people together can be extremely powerful to growing your own network or business. Here are three of my tips to making a killer virtual introduction as your most important skill will be deciding on the TYPE of introduction based upon the situation. I make several hundreds of these introductions every year.

  1. THE BLIND VIRTUAL INTRODUCTION- This introduction is one that you decide to make all on your own. You know two different people that could help network each other or possibly even have a reason to use each other's products or services. So, how to do you make that introduction. The key in this language is to make a small disclaimer while also being very positive about the two individuals. Here's an example:Subject Box: You both NEED to know each otherTom/Harry, I wanted to send you both a short note to introduce each other. Tom owns a wonderful mortgage brokerage company here in the Nashville metro area and Harry owns a property & casualty company specializing in residential clients. I have really enjoyed working with both of you over the past several years and noticed you both pay really close attention to delivering superior client service. I don't know if you will both have a reason to do business with each other, but I do know that you would both enjoy getting a cup of coffee together and I suspect will have much to discuss.

    In any event, I will let you take it from here . . .and have a great day!



  2. THE HE'S/SHE'S THE BEST INTRODUCTION- This introduction is one where you know someone who has a glaring need for a product and service. You also know the person in town (or across the country) who could fill this void better than anybody. What's tricky about this, is that perhaps the person you are telling to use the service hasn't exactly asked you to make an introduction. Thus, these e-mails should generally go to those people where you know you have enough relationship to introduce without the ask. If you overstep your bounds on this one, you run the risk of really upsetting someone because you didn't ask permission.Subject Box: GREAT idea for youSue,I remember you telling me the other day that you were considering selling your car privately and thinking about buying a new car. I'm not sure when you are going to start that process, but it made me realize that I had to introduce to my car guy Tony.Tony buys and sells cars privately, and he has handled my last five car purchases for me. What I love about Tony is that he takes the time to understand my needs and also what I can afford within my budget.

    I have copied Tony on this e-mail and attached his business card so you can reach out to him. I know the both of you will enjoy getting to know each other.



  3. THE YOUR FRIEND/CLIENT ASKED YOU TO MAKE INTRODUCTION- This is the kind of introduction where your friend or client became aware that you knew someone that they desperately wants to know. You may have some concern about jeopardizing your relationship with the other party, so this type of virtual introduction will be a little bit more delicate. The key is to sell the 'sizzle' that an hour of their time will be well worth it for a meeting. You also need to preempt the person asking you to make the introduction not to go overboard in a first meeting if they happen to get a breakfast with the person you introduced them to over the e-mail.Subject Box: a person WORTH meetingAlan,Hey- hope all is well! I know your travel schedule has been extremely hectic and I look forward to connecting with you when you get back from your business trips.I wanted to connect you with a friend of mine Charlie. It's entirely possible that you have all run across each other before in town, but I don't think you know each other.

    Even though you both have busy schedules, I think you would both really enjoy having a cup of coffee one morning and getting to know each other.

    I don't know whether this will turn into a business opportunity or not, but I think meeting Charlie would be worth the time. Look forward to seeing you soon.



    The rise of the virtual introduction is upon us. These are some of my tips on how to make a killer introduction, but I'm curious about your do's and don'ts in this tricky new world where we make virtual handshakes every day. How do you make a killer introduction?

    Ultimately, if you have a small business and you can't figure this out (or you just don't want to), then turn to and see how we can help you turn social into sales™ and start a blog of your own.


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