How To Fall Back In Love With Your Content

We all know the importance of updating your social media networks regularly. The more you post, the more engagement you have with your followers and the more engagement you have with your followers, the more leads will be generated for your business. After a while of continuous posting, you may find yourself in a lull with your content calendar. You will start to find yourself posting a lot of the same styles of graphics and articles you may not even find interesting anymore. If you are not excited about your content, how do you expect your followers to be? Exactly. It is time to reignite the spark between you and your content and fall back in love with posting.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I have put together some tips to spice up your content and get you excited about posting again!

1. Use User Generated Content

User generated content is obviously great no matter what way you position it. It is literally produced by your followers and is perfect for your followers. For those of you who are not huge into marketing vocabulary, user generated content is content that is, you guessed it, user generated. This means that other people on social media have shared something regarding your business. There is truly no better form of content because it is free and easy to implement. Whether it is a review for your business or someone tagging your business in their own post, use that for content for your own page and help your followers see what their peers are posting about you! With this tip, engagement is sure to go through the roof.

2. Hold A Giveaway Or Contest

Part of the reason you may be growing tired of your content is because you're not getting a lot of engagement on your posts. You need an exciting way to get your followers excited about your brand and the things you are doing. One way to do this is with contests or giveaways. Now, now, don't worry. This does not mean you have to go out and buy the newest iPhone to giveaway. A giveaway could be 10% off a service or an E-book you have created. One of the best ways to get people to interact with your content is give an incentive, like a giveaway or a contest. Once you get your followers excited about your giveaway, the conversations will flow naturally.

3. Think About Why You Are Posting

When you first started using social media for your business, where did you start? Was it with a Facebook page or LinkedIn? What was your main goal? Was is to generate leads? Was your goal to watch your company's branding grow stronger? Whatever your reason may have been, take a moment to reflect on the growth you have seen since you have started your social media journey. Taking that time to remember why you are doing what you are doing will give your content the spark and inspiration it needs and in turn will help you to fall more in love with both your business and your content!

4. Use Day Of The Week Themed Posts

We all have those days where inspiration for posting just is not coming. No matter what you do, you feel like you do have nothing left to share or anything to say. A simple hack is to use day of the week themed posts. In the social media world, there are certain sayings that trend for the different days of the week. Whether it is Motivation Monday, Taco Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, Small Business Saturday or Sunday Funday, you can truly get creative when using theme days like this. For example, for Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday, share a photo of you and your team when your first started your business. For Motivation Monday, go into Canva and create an image with a quote to inspire your followers. You can use one of the templates they provide or take a chance creating your own! For Wednesday Wisdom, share a piece of advice you have learned over the time of running your business. If you get creative, these themed posts are a great idea to store away for a particularly uninspired day.

5. Make Posting Personal

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words and people are interested in people. High preforming brands have people at the forefront of their minds. This is something you can incorporate in your own practice by making your posts more personal. Rather than finding a stock image of a man working on a computer, go into your workspace and snap a picture of your work environment. Is your company having a holiday party? Share it on social! Is it one of your employee's birthdays? Shout them out in a post. This kind of content usually gets great engagement while also showing off your thriving company culture. Learn more about in the moment content by clicking here.

6. Make Real Connections

While social media originated as a place to connect with others, you can see a shift in the conversation to a more business-centric platform. It seems that everywhere you click on Facebook, someone is selling something. Get back to the roots of social and engage back with those that take the time to engage with you! Take the time to go through your Facebook tags and Twitter mentions and reply. Do a simple search for your brand's name on social media platforms and see what the conversation is like. Not only will this get you excited about social again, but will give you insight into what your followers are saying so you can better predict what you should be posting.

7. Use Interactive Content

Going off of tip number 6, people love to have real conversations on social platforms. Think of the unique opportunity you have through social media to talk to your followers and receive a response. Are you thinking of rolling out a new product line or offering a new service? Post a poll on Twitter and see what your followers think. Use Instagram stories to ask your followers questions to get them to engage using one of Instagram's many polling stickers. Posting content that has some kind of interactive question prompts conversations, and conversations turn into leads. Implementing interactive content will not only spark leads, but will also reignite the spark between you and your content.

8. Keep It Consistent

No matter what lull you are experiencing in creativity, never let your followers see you sweat. Push through that lull and keep your content consistent! If you are struggling, think about trying a scheduling service. Staying organized is key to content. Take the time to organize your thoughts, ideas and inspiration into a content calendar and use a scheduling service like Hootsuite to plan out your posts. Try to do as many posts as you can while you are feeling inspired!

Once you have implemented some of these tips, you should feel rejuvenated and ready to take the world by a social storm. The most important thing for your social presence is to never let a lull in creativity effect your business. If you love what we at Hyperchat Social are posting, but you need help with execution, let us help by clicking here.

Until next time, happy posting!


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