How to Build Your Social Media Strategy for Facebook

How to Build Your Social Media Strategy for Facebook

Are you looking to step up your social media strategy on Facebook? As a business owner, that can be adding a lot to your plate. As the business owner, you know your business better than anyone. You understand how your business is unique, so your strategy for social media should be too. If you are not sure where to begin creating your strategy for Facebook, here are 4 key aspects to get you started.

1.) Deciding Business Goals

The first part of your social media strategy for Facebook should include aligning your business goals with your goals for Facebook. Establishing the goals you want to achieve will help create a clear path for the direction your Facebook social media strategy should focus. Some common goals for a Facebook social media strategy include:

  • Brand awareness: increasing who can recall your business.
  • Increased reach: Getting more eyes on your posts or page.
  • Increasing community engagement: More likes and comments on your content.
  • Driving traffic to your website: Sending people from your Facebook page to your website.
  • Increasing sales: More sales as a result of your Facebook presence.
  • Generating new leads for the business: Creating potential customers for your business.

Each of these goals will generate a unique plan for your business. Your social media strategy will be centered around the goal you decide on for your business. For example, if you are a local law firm and want to focus on increasing brand awareness, your social media strategy should reflect that. Deciding what it is you want your target audience to know about your brand is what you should begin sharing on your Facebook page. Examples of this can include customer reviews, meet the team, or informative content about successful cases from your firm. Including customized content in your Facebook strategy can help your audience get a better understanding of who your business is and what you do. That is why it is vital to decide on what is most important to your business and pursue your specific goal with your social media strategy.

2.) Deciding your target audience

After taking the time to align your business goals with your goals for your Facebook strategy, you need to answer the question of who your target audience is. One way to help decide who you should be targeting is who does your business serve? Is it local residents? Will you be communicating with a community? Will you be speaking to experts within your field? Based on who you will be speaking to will determine both your messaging strategies and your tone of voice. Deciding who your audience is will help you customize your content. Here are some key demographics to help you figure out who your target audience should be:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Income level

3.) Messaging Strategy

The next aspect to consider is how you want to convey your message. Based on who your target audience is, this can vary. Do you want to be casual and fun or serious and informative? Deciding how you want to communicate your message will help you develop a direction with your Facebook social media strategy. Your communication style within your social media strategy can change as the type of content changes. If you are posting a fun holiday or sharing a celebration from your team, your communication style and the customized content can reflect that. Posting content that provides value to your target audience will help accomplish your individual goal for the Facebook platform.

When posting on the Facebook platform, you have a variety of post types to choose from. You can create a Facebook post with only text, an image, a video, or a collection of images, videos, and text. Customized branded imaging or videos is a great way to communicate your message. This can include holiday posts, behind the scenes of your business, or inspirational quotes to name a few. As you get started creating your Facebook social media strategy, you should plan to post between 4 and 6 times a week. Staying in this sweet spot will help keep you in the front of the mind of your audience without becoming excessive.

As previously discussed, your content should reflect your goals. Using an A/B testing method for your content can help determine what works best for your business. An example of this could be A/B testing content such as a meet the team post or industry-specific informative post. Analyzing your engagement from the specific posts can give you an insight into what works best for your brand and business.

4.) Promoting Engagement

When communicating your message, it is best to be proactive with your engagement. Actively responding to comments, questions, or tagged posts. Asking questions is a great way to promote organic engagement on your posts. You can ask specific questions about your individual business or questions relevant to your industry. Asking creating questions will help drive engagement to your content. Based on the responses, you may even generate future ideas for custom content.

In your caption, creating a call to action will also help increase the engagement on your post. An example of a call to action if your goal is to drive traffic to your website could be, "Click the link in our bio to learn more!"

Another way you can have your target audience interact with you is through the story feature on the Facebook platform. You can create a poll that viewers can actively vote on. The story feature also offers a question box sticker where your followers can ask your business page questions. Having an interactive experience with your Facebook audience will help your business reach their Facebook goals, whether it is brand awareness or lead generation.

Through Facebook boosting, you can increase engagement as well. You can choose your specific audience including age, location, gender, and other factors. Budgeting a little extra money for Facebook boosting each month can go a long way.

Running your business's social media account requires strategy, content, dedicated time, and long-term commitment. At Hyperchat Social, we understand how unique your business is and want to help you convey your story through social. Our team of experts can help you achieve your social media goals with a customized strategy. Book a free consultation today to see how we can help your social media strategy go from good to great!


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