How To Add A User To Google Analytics

How To Add A User To Google Analytics

It's an exciting time we live in, we're at the forefront of the next evolution in social media and businesses are learning new and better ways to utilize it as a tool. What good is bringing users to your website and converting them into sales/leads without tracking that data? Below are step by step instructions on one of the ways you can make sure the right members of your team gets access to relevant data based on who is coming to your site!

To Add Users:

1 - Sign in to Google Analytics (

2 - In the left hand side at the bottom of the page, Click "Admin" with the gear symbol next to it.

3 - From there, click "Access Management." under Account Settings.

4 - In the pop-up window, click the plus sign in the top right corner

5 - Enter the email desired email address to ad to the account, (Like, for instance)

6 - Check the "Notify new users by email" box

7 - Select "administrator" role.

8 - Click "Add" in the top right corner

That does it! For more helpful tips like this, make sure to checkout the rest of Hyperchat's Blog series. On the other hand, if you're looking to up your digital marketing game to the next level, feel free to schedule a call with us!


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