Five Rules of Content for LinkedIn

As LinkedIn grows in the breadth and depth of service offerings it has on its platform, it is important that your content strategy is in place to maximize your results on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, far too often businesses and individual post content up on LinkedIn only thinking about what they think is interesting and not really what the LinkedIn constituency is going to actually read. This mismatch often creates frustration for users because they don't understand how to get real engagement out of the platform. Here are the five rules of content by Hyperchat Social.

Here are the top twenty topics as a side note that trended highest on LinkedIn.


1. Leadership 11. Strategy
2. Management 12. Networking
3. Sales 13. Artificial Intelligence
4. Start-Ups 14. Hiring
5. Interviewing 15. Cloud Computing
6. Finance 16. Advertising
7. Recruiting 17. Mergers and Acquisitions
8. Marketing 18. Human Resources
9. Retail 19. Entrepreneurship
10. Investments 20. Security

Content Rule 1. Get Native As Soon As Possible

Through my own testing, it is clear that native video is one of the top two strategies to get views of your posts. Native video is so powerful because people like to see raw footage of short duration on just about any subject. I've done these from LeBron James videos to simply sitting in my car telling people about whether or not they should pay off their mortgage. I can't underscore how much I think these videos should be raw and unedited. As we go through our business lives, we want to get advice and share thoughts that are meaningful and feel as real as they would be as talking to a coworker.

Content Rule 2: Text

The other end of the spectrum to this is to post something from your mobile phone through a quick simple text. There is a ton of sharing on LinkedIn about awards companies win, people highlighted in the media, and companies that are movers in the marketplace. However, the day to day challenges that we all share in leadership and business are extremely meaningful on the LinkedIn platform. Has anyone had an interview "ghost" them over the past year because the labor market is so tight? Sharing your frustrations on LinkedIn about a business situation can be even more powerful that sharing a success story.

Content Rule 3. Give Shout Outs

If you want to get people engaged in a conversation then call them out, or in LinkedIn's terms, tag them. Imagine giving a lecture to 20, 30, or 40 people. How would you get someone to answer a question or expand on a conversation? What you would do socially is call them by name, make them stand up and give their opinion. By using the @ symbol followed by someone's name, you can include them as hyperlinks within your post and they will be notified. This makes them feel more inclined to say something on the post which allows your post to be seen and interacted with by even more people.

Content Rule 4. Avoid Being Switzerland

For almost a decade now, I've been sharing this simple thought about social media. If you aren't willing to pick a side or take a stance, then you should sit idly by like a bystander and watch everyone else have the conversation. When something business-wise or leadership-wise happens in a meaningful way such as a rise in the minimum wage or a particular movement, posting quality content with your opinion allows the business community to stir up the conversation.

Content Rule 5. #Hashtag

Since LinkedIn joined in the hashtag game, hashtags are becoming increasingly popular for how people search for articles and are evolving in the algorithm within LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the first platform to offer you hashtag suggestions in regards to the article or post you are publishing on their platform. I strongly recommend picking two or three hashtags that you can "own" on the platform that summarizes the overall theme of the content you will be publishing on LinkedIn.

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