Facebook Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers know the importance of the awareness surrounding your brand. That is why you see personal injury lawyers plastered all over billboards and park benches. It is all about being the first firm that a victim who gets in an accident thinks about in that moment.

So, how do you establish your firm as the go-to personal injury firm in your area? You build your brand up on social!

If you have been following Hyperchat Social's blog for a while, you know that keeping your content calendar on Facebook up to date is key. But with Facebook's algorithm, only 3% of your followers actually see your posts. So how do you combat that algorithm? You pay to play with Facebook ads.

What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook has an advertising service built into its platform and it is available to any user with a Facebook business page. This allows a business to deliver the content on their page to those who may not see it otherwise, combatting Facebook's ever-evolving algorithm. By allocating some advertising dollars to the platform, the business is able to expand its reach on social tenfold.

Facebook's advertising platform has two main facets: Facebook Ad Campaigns and Facebook Boosting. Running an advertisement on Facebook is no easy task. Facebook's advertising platform offers a plethora of objectives to choose from, placements, text, image, and targeting efforts all to mess with. The performance of your ad performance in selecting these parameters greatly affects the ad's overall performance.

So what is the best way to use Facebook's advertising platform to your personal injury firm's advantage?

We have gathered our best tried and true tips for running a successful ad campaign on your personal injury firm's services!

#1: Know your goal on social

When you first set up your first Facebook ad campaign, Facebook will prompt you to select an objective. There are several options to choose from, but they all may not make much sense for your practice. The most important thing to remember about Facebook advertising for personal injury lawyers is that the goal is to garner awareness surrounding your firm. You want your firm to be the first thing on a victim's mind when they get into an accident. Here are a couple of key objectives you will want to focus on as a personal injury lawyer.


One of the more common of the Facebook objectives would be a traffic campaign. This is basically running an ad with the objective to encourage the user to visit a certain web page. You can push traffic to your website homepage, a certain page on your website, a landing page with contact information or a blog post on a hot button issue. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to a traffic ad.

Perhaps the best thing about a traffic ad is the ability to track those who visit your website with a Facebook Pixel. A Facebook Pixel is a code that can be installed on the backend of your site to capture the visitor's information. Once you have enough of that information, you are able to build a custom audience that comprises of those who have visited your website in the past 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc. Facebook will then reserve your ad to that audience.

But why would you want the same person seeing your firm's ad more than once? Remember, our goal is to create awareness around your personal injury firm. The more times people see your ad, the more they will remember it. On average, people need to see a call-to-action at least seven times before taking action. This kind of audience helps to achieve this goal.


A different call to action to explore for your firm is a 'call now' ad. This can be found under the objective of reach. Instead of the call to action being a push to the website, the user will have the option to click a simple 'call now' button and have a pop-up on their smartphone with your office's phone number connecting you with the user directly. While you may not have as many people clicking your call to action as you would on a traffic ad, it can result in a high-quality lead for your business.

You can find the 'call now' call to action by changing the placement of the ad to be 'Mobile Only'.

Pro-Tip: Use a trackable phone number in your ad so you can keep track of who is calling from social!

#2: People want people

Selecting an objective is only half the battle when creating your Facebook ad campaign. One huge piece of running a successful ad campaign is creating your graphics. Social media moves at a rapid pace and the goal of advertising is to stop the scroll. It is super easy for someone to scroll right past an ad on Facebook. So how do you stop the scroll? With compelling graphics, of course!

Facebook users are hypersensitive to the sight of an ad as the platform can be oversaturated with advertisers trying to sell and promote their product. Because of this hypersensitivity, it is best to disguise your ad as interesting content for the consumer.

People want to look at people. Not advertisements. Use real people in your ads. Try using a staff picture. Or use a stock image that looks like one of your ideal clientele. Show the humans behind your firm. This kind of advertisement is a whole lot more appealing to the consumer than a blank picture with your slogan on it.

#3: Be familiar with Facebook's ad policies

One of the bigger hurdles for personal injury lawyers to overcome is definitely Facebook's advertising policies. In essence, Facebook wants to promote a platform where everyone feels safe land included when logging on.

Facebook has a policy that says 'ads must not contain content that asserts or implies personal attributes'. This basically means that you are not allowed to imply or assume anything about your audience in your ads.

To avoid your ad being flagged by Facebook, avoid asking questions like 'Have you been injured?' or 'Other Honda drivers received a big settlement. Where's yours?' in your advertising.

#4: Advertise around hot button issues

Every once in awhile, there will be a personal injury claim that affects a widespread of people. For example, this year Roundup weedkiller found itself in hot water because of its undisclosed link to cancer. When things like this happen, there are floods of cases that can come.

Why not point people to your law firm when these things happen? As long as you keep your language educational rather than using assuming language, Facebook will allow this kind of campaign.

Pro-tip: When running this kind of campaign, use a traffic objective and create a landing page for users to give more information about their case!

Getting into the world of Facebook advertising is no easy task (it's even our full-time job!). Guess what? You do not have to go at it alone! We are here to help. If you want to put your Facebook ads and social media on autopilot, click here to schedule a free consultation to start Turning Social Into Sales.


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