Creating Graphics For Financial Advisors

For financial advisors, it can feel difficult to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. You know your practice is different than all of the others, but how will potential clients know that, too? It's important to establish a solid social media presence in order to show future clients who you and your company truly are. Writing captions is important, and understanding hashtags and boosting is great to get people to look at your content, but how do you make people stay interested in your content? Creating visually appealing posts is a great way to establish a brand and build your presence across social media.

So, how do you create graphics that grab attention and keep people interested in your posts? Keep reading to find out!

Image Sizes

Before you start designing elaborate posts, make sure you understand the basics first. Decide which social platforms you will be posting to in order to understand what size graphics you need to make. Posting a simple square graphic for each platform may be easy, but optimizing each graphic to fit the size of the platform you're posting to is a great way to create a better-looking, more uniform feed for each of your individual platforms. Do you know what size each graphic needs to be? Here is a handy guide to help you out!

Instagram: Though many financial advisors aren't able to post to Instagram, if you're one of the few that does, try to stick to 1080 x 1080 pixels in order to keep a clean square.

Facebook: Though there are many different posts on Facebook of different sizes, the typical image size for a Facebook post is 940 x 788 pixels.

Twitter: Twitter images are wider than Facebook and Instagram, so an image size of 1024 x 512 pixels is the best size for this platform! Keep in mind that if you're converting a Facebook or Instagram post to a Twitter post, you'll have to do a little shuffling with your graphics to keep it aesthetically pleasing.

LinkedIn: Though the image ratio for LinkedIn is the same as Twitter, the resolution for LinkedIn is a bit lower, so stick to 800 x 400 pixels for this one!

Fonts & Colors

You've worked hard to establish your brand, so you should try to reflect your brand's imaging onto your social media designs. Use colors that are in your logo or on your website in order to keep consistency throughout your posts. Not sure what the exact colors of your logo and website are? Don't fret! Download a Google Chrome extension like ColorPick Eyedropper in order to find the exact colors and match them to your graphics. You can also try branching out and using different colors here and there to help people better understand the message you're trying to get across, as detailed in our blog post about color psychology!

Not sure which fonts you want to use? You can use fonts similar to those on your website. Not sure what font's you used on your website? There's another extension for that! Check out Google Chrome extensions like WhatFont in order to determine which fonts you have on your website. However, don't feel limited to only those fonts! Mix it up and try something new with your posts - test out different fonts and see which ones you like and which ones work best for engagement. Fonts are an awesome way to set the tone of your company, and they create different moods and help people understand the purpose of the text. Check out our blog post on the importance of fonts in order to learn more!

Now, it's time to make the content!

There are many different avenues you can go down when creating content for financial advisors. Do you want to make a fun GIF? An impactful video? An interesting statice image? The creativity is in your hands! You can do a healthy mix of all of these in order to keep your content interesting and keep your followers engaged.

Decide on the type of images you want to put in your posts. Will you be taking organic photos? Are you planning to use stock photos? Do you prefer to create your own graphics rather than using photos? Try a mix of all of these in order to see what performs best with your audience!

Post Ideas

Coming up with the first few posts can seem difficult, but once you get the ball rolling, there's no limit to the amount of posts you can come up with! Here are a few ideas to help you get started creating posts for financial advisors.

General Branding

Your followers need to know who you are and what you do, so it's important to make some posts about your company that show your followers how you can help them. Try asking questions related to your practice, like "Are you ready for retirement?" or "What are your financial goals?" You can also add some general statements from your website about who you are, how your company was founded, and how you can help anyone looking at your post.

Engagement-Driven Posts

You want people to comment, like and share your posts, so why not start a conversation? People love talking about themselves, so try asking their opinion with 'This or That' posts? Ask your followers whether they would rather retire in Santorini or Venice, whether they would rather retire somewhere with cold weather or warm weather… You can even throw in some questions that don't necessarily pertain to your line of business, like asking whether they prefer hot chocolate or hot coffee.

Some other types of posts you can try are fill-in-the-blank posts. Make a post prompting the viewer to fill in the blank of a sentence with their thoughts. For example, you can create a post that says, "The age I want to retire is _____." These types of posts are sure to get people commenting and sharing!

Meet The Team

As a financial advisor, a large part of your career is creating and maintaining relationships. Give potential clients a glance into your life by highlighting yourself and any other team members with a photo and some details about who the person is and what they do for their clients. This will make people feel a closer connection with you and help give them a nudge toward scheduling a consultation!


You love your clients, and it's wonderful when your clients love you! Find some reviews your clients have left for you on Google reviews or your social platforms and turn it into a fun post to show your followers how you can help make a difference in their lives.

Organic Photos

Do you have some fun things happening around the office? Did you have a company-bonding trip? Did you recently attend a great event related to your field? Post the photos you take! Let your followers know what goes on behind the scenes in order to show just how fun and likable you and your company are - no extra editing or resizing needed!

Use Your Creativity

There are many other ideas you can try out on your social media feeds, and only you and your team know what types of posts will best reflect your practice. Use your creativity to come up with posts that you haven't seen on any other social platform for financial advisors before! You and your company are unique, so show it in your social media feeds!

These tips have only just scratched the surface for what types of graphics you can create for your company, but they're a good jumping-off point. The world of social media may be constantly changing, but creating interesting and engaging graphics will always be important for your company's brand on social media.

There is a lot of work that goes into creating graphics for social media, so why not hand it off to the experts? Head over to to set up a time to chat!


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