Content Writing Trends You Need to Know

Content Writing Trends You Need to Know

This year, we have seen a huge increase in copywriting! Content writing is an essential part of your business, and there are many forms of copywriting that your business should be taking part in this year. 2021 is a big year for everything virtual, including social media content, SEO, blogs, newsletters, and email campaigns. To learn more about these trends, keep reading below!

1. Keywords

We have gone over keyword optimization a little bit before, however, this year keyword optimization will be integral to your business' social media and overall online presence. Depending on your business, your content will vary. If you are already running ads for your business, whether on Google, Facebook, or even Instagram, you probably already know about keywords.

Keywords come mainly in two different forms: short-tail and long-tail. Our Digital Media Specialist, Becky, specializes in Google ads and has a wonderful definition for these types of keywords:

"Short-tail and long-tail are pretty much as they sound… one is short and the other is long. Short-tail keywords are general phrases consisting of only a few words. For instance, an example would be "financial advisor". Moreover, long-tail keywords are more specific and typically longers than short-tail. An example of this would be "financial advisor in Alpharetta Georgia". It's important to include a healthy mix of long-tail and short-tail keywords in your keyword lists!" (Hyperchat Social)

2. SEO Optimization

Every industry right now is amping up their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO goes hand-in-hand with keywords. When you take the time to research your keywords, you wind up with better SEO rankings. This means your business will appear more on Google searches and maybe even on the first page!

The more you optimize your keywords into your website content, as well as social media posts, the better chance your business has at ranking higher in searches, becoming an industry leader, and even a main resource for all things related to your niche.

3. Evergreen Content

The more content you write and post that is not typical branding posts, the more engagement you will get. Evergreen content is extremely important in 2021. After seeing how much has happened over the past year, companies and brands are sharing more authentic and raw pieces of writing. Here are some examples of evergreen writing that your business can implement this year:

1. Everything You Need to Know About

2. Successful Case Studies

3. Pros/Cons of Something

4. How-to-do Something

5. Guides and Tutorial

6. Roundups

7. Why Posts

(Source: Globex Writing Services)

4. Optimize Your Titles and Headings

Your blog title and headings are just as important as the content you write! Right now, businesses and influencers have aesthetically pleasing websites that are appealing to read without being boring.

The first things that your audience will see are your blog image and the headings on your blog. Oftentimes, people will scroll quickly through a blog to see if it is interesting enough to read before they actually read it. A great starting point for making your blog engaging and interesting is to have an attention-grabbing blog image and interesting headings.

5. Backlinking is Key

Having multiple backlinks in your blogs, website content, and social media content is key to ranking high in a Google search. The more you use other links and websites in your posts, the more people click. A key piece of knowledge is to include numerous backlinks to your own website. This way, you are raising brand awareness, increasing your SEO rankings, repurposing content, and driving traffic directly back to your business.

6. Grammar and Spelling Matter

Want your business to be used as a resource for all things related to your niche? Hopefully, your answer is yes! One of the most important things about your content is to make sure your spelling and grammar are on point. Not only will people turn away if they see errors in grammar and spelling, but they will remember your business as the one with the website that cannot spell. Do you want to be remembered this way? Probably not!

Here are some awesome resources to run your pieces of writing and content through prior to officially posting on your website and/or social media accounts:

· Grammarly

· Scribens


7. Conversational Content

We saw a lot of conversation happening online in 2021, mostly because businesses and companies had to switch to virtual-everything. As more people used their computers and mobile devices because of the pandemic, online marketing has become one of the biggest industries in the world. This is not going to change, but rather, it will continue to grow.

One of the best things you can do for your business is making sure your content is not just filler content. You need to make sure your social media team is creating engaging, powerful, and conversational posts. There are so many kinds of posts that you can generate that may or may not be specific to your niche or industry.

Here are some example posts to create conversation surrounding your post:

· This or That? Posts

· Would You Rather? Posts

· This Is Our Favorite, What Is Your Favorite? Posts

· Video Content

Of the above, one of the quickest types of content to jump on the bandwagon with is video content. Video content will continue to be huge this year, as we have seen the insane growth in TikTok and Reels just over the last year.

8. eBooks and Whitepapers

Hyperchat Social works with a lot of business owners and financial advisors, and we know a lot about the success of well-written eBooks on social media. If you are in a niche industry, consider writing an eBook or a whitepaper! Why? Well, these forms of writing have always been big, but they are also a huge value-add.

If you do happen to write your own eBook or whitepaper, make sure to include some visuals! Charts, images, and graphs are great forms of visual content to include in your eBook or whitepaper. Depending on the topic, you should be able to include some form of visual element that makes your eBook or whitepaper more attractive and encourages the reader to keep reading!

Where Should You Start?

As you can see, content writing is a huge part of your business' online presence. It is crucial these days that you are posting valuable, informational, engaging, and fun content on your website, as well as all of your social media profiles. The more you post, the more your brand goes.

If you are looking to ramp up your branding, content writing, and social media engagement, you have come to the right place. Hyperchat Social specializes in all things social media, as well as content writing! Check out our previous blogs to read more about what is trending in our industry, as well as our website for some great advice for business owners and financial advisors!

Hyperchat Social is here to help your business Turn Social Into Sales. To learn how you can get started, visit to book your free consultation! If you would like to book over the phone, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-359-3399!

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