Automate Your Direct Response Message on Twitter

So…you finally got someone to follow you on Twitter. Then, you got someone else…and now you are up to more than 1,000 followers. One of the biggest mistakes in my opinion that people make when they build their Twitter following is not giving some offer to your followers right off the bat. One of the cool programs you can use is called Crowdfire. Crowdfire does a number of things, but at no charge (currently), Crowdfire will allow you to automate a number of direct response messages from your Twitter account. Then, rather than saying 'thanks for the follow', you can actually really thank your new follower by giving them something of value that they can take advantage of now.

  1. Your Book - If you have written a book, a cost to publish a copy of your own book will only run $2 to $3 dollars depending on the size of the book. It's even better if you hand sign the book and then send it out in the mail to them. What a great way to begin a relationship with someone you can do business with or have them be kind to you on social media.
  2. E-Book - Remember, an e-book can literally be one page or two pages. If you put together a compelling piece of content on your particular area of expertise, you can either send the e-book via a pdf or simply give them a link to a page where you store your e-book. This is a nice touch and can allow you to open the door with that prospect.
  3. Webinar Jam - If you don't know what Webinar Jam is then you might want to check into this one. If you use some other software such as Go To Meeting that can work as well, but what we are talking about is to send them a link to a video or webinar on what you do or something that can benefit the new follower right now.

No matter what route you go, think about automating your dm when you get a new follower and start the conversation right there at the first interaction on Twitter.


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