Are You Doing a 200 Character Headline on LinkedIn?

Headlines, headlines, headlines….That seems to be all we see in the news today. As people search relentlessly today on Google looking for the right person to fit the product or service they need, the big question is whether or not your headline will capture attention and get to the top of the SEO List.

Notice this profile below.

This is a good example of someone who clearly wrote out their professional headline so you know exactly what it is they do and who it is they serve.

Here's another example.

In this particular example, notice the difference by using a "keywording" process of putting in a half dozen or so 'descriptors' about who you are and the various types of things that you do.

Far too often I come across profiles that say VP of Sales, Wealth Manager, or Recruiter, but have no rhyme or reason to thinking about the long term when someone begins to search your profile.

LinkedIn allows you a maximum of 200 characters in your headline box which means you can put one long descriptor sentence or a mix and match of words or phrases that describe what you do. This means if you put less than 200 characters you may be HURTING your chances of getting viewed within the LinkedIn platform or when Google begins organically ranking you.

Things you can list….

  • Products you offer
  • Services you offer
  • Titles that are real or uniquely designed by you
  • Job descriptors

Here's what I did….

co-CEO oXYGen Financial/International Social Media Speaker/Author/Top Ranked Blogger/Entrepreneur

This gives me a much better opportunity for getting hired as a speaker, offering social media services, and still promoting my financial services company.

Frankenstein…use the 200 characters to its fullest.

(NOTE: make sure sharing plugins are at the bottom of each box, have a place for comments, and be certain we can get email signups, my bio, etc.)


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