5 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Social Selling Score

As you may or may not know, LinkedIn is constantly tracking your every move on their site. Not in a creepy "Big Brother" way, but more like a gauge to see how you're doing against those who are in your specific field.

It's called your Social Selling Index, and it's a free report that LinkedIn gives you that allows you to see how effectively you're establishing your personal brand, how social you are/how social others are with you, and how influential you are in your sphere of connections.

In order for your score to increase, you need to do these 5 things to start:

  1. Make Sure Your Entire LinkedIn Profile is Complete

The more information you have on your LinkedIn about yourself, the better idea they'll have about your brand and your company. Be sure to add your websites, your social media channels, your contact email and any places where you've been published to make you easy to talk to and make you look like an expert in your field.

Search other industry leaders and individuals that come

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  1. Find the Right People to Connect with

Remember your college buddies? Your neighbors? Your former bosses? As long as you have good relationships with them, you need to add them on your LinkedIn in as well. There is no such thing as "too many connections" on LinkedIn, so it's important to add as many people as you can, the same way you'd collect as many contacts as you can for future business purposes.

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  1. Engage Your Network

Make sure that you are regularly commenting/liking other peoples' posts. Your goal with your LinkedIn is to really build a community and a tribe around you that is successful and supportive. Engaging with others and posting content that others find interesting will help boost this part of your score.

  1. Build Your Professional Relationships

No matter if you're just starting out in your industry, or you're a tried and true veteran, it's important to connect with those influencers in your field It's also important to add people who are higher up in your industry as well. Not only that, but having higher-ups in your connections list on LinkedIn is a great resource to have if you need advice, have an idea, or want to speak with someone who knows your industry just as well, if not better than you do. The more influential your connections in LinkedIn's sphere, the more your SSI will go up.

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  1. Establish Your Own Personal Brand

You can't build a personal brand online without being personable. Share articles you find interesting and post your ideas about your field on LinkedIn. Be sure to share captivating photos and insightful anecdotes about your personal experience and your line of work. Be the mentor that you wished you had when you first started, and most importantly, be open, honest, and you.

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Just remember, as long as you are true to yourself and your brand and open with your connections, you'll get the support system you're looking for on LinkedIn.


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