5 Social Media Myths

Social media can be a powerful tool in your marketing, however, it is important to understand what it is and isn't capable of! It has to be used strategically and with realistic expectations about what it can and cannot accomplish. Even though it has been around for a while, many people are still scratching their heads when it comes to the real impact social media is having on their small businesses. It's true that social media is ever-changing, however, as social media experts, it's important for us to identify myth from reality in order to create an effective social media strategy. Today we're playing MythBusters for you!

1. Social media will give me instant results.

This is one of the most common myths about social media. However, it takes time and effort to build a community and also to build trust within that community. This is something that doesn't come overnight, you have to be consistent, responsive to comments, and engaging. Ideally, you should have a social media content strategy in place. All of these things take time and effort, but the payoff can be huge! If this is done correctly, you'll have a loyal following of people who trust your brand. There will always be exceptions to this myth, whether it's a viral video or a shoutout by someone who has a massive following - but, the majority of the time, social media is a long game. One thing that can increase the speed of results is investing in growing their community through paid Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram campaigns. Keep in mind that while paid advertising can significantly increase the speed of your growth and reach, it will also require additional resources in branding and inbox management to ensure ongoing engagement! It is just one piece of the puzzle.

2. Social media is free.

The apps for social media may be free, but that doesn't mean that running social media is free. It costs time and energy, among other things. Almost every single social media site has a pay-to-play mentality - whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. they have one thing in common, and that is to encourage you to spend money in order to reach more of their followers and new customers. Small businesses should approach social media as you would any other marketing channel, and allocate a portion of their budget to building and implementing an effective strategy!

3. Stick to promoting products only.

You're promoting your business as a brand but behind that business is people — your social media content should reflect that! Show your audience that real people work at your company. Don't be afraid to share content that may not directly relate to your business, but does highlight the hard work, creativity, and expertise of your team. This is a very simple way to build trust on social media. Personalized content always performs well, but beyond that, it makes your audience trust you and your brand that much more. From work anniversaries to company outings to family photos - giving your audience a small peek into the people behind the business will drastically increase your reliability!

4. You need to be on every single social media platform.

When assessing which social media platforms to use for your business, it's important to make the decision based on your ideal customer and which platform they engage with most often. Not every business needs to be on every platform! The easiest way to help with understanding what platform you need to focus on is to build out a detailed client/customer persona that outlines the demographics, behaviors, locations, and goals of your ideal client/customer. Some social media platforms don't make sense for your target customer, so why make the effort to join and build a page? Use the data you have to see where your target is spending time. Then plan the best ways to reach them and keep them interested!

5. You should be posting multiple times a day to keep your customers engaged.

Social media applications want to push their use, but the truth is what is more important is posting consistently. If you are posting high-quality/engaging content on a consistent basis, the algorithm will help you out. Don't let hustle culture make you believe that you need to be posting 4-5 times a day. But, don't be too infrequent in posting on your social media. Consistent posting will keep you relevant while not congesting the feed of your followers. You should base your number of posts on factors like your marketing goals, the number of posts you have already published, and your audience's demands. There is such a thing as posting too much! Prioritize quality over quantity and focus your efforts on a few weekly posts that provide value to your audience.

Social media is a driving force in today's society, but it's important to remember that social media marketing is a long-term strategy. The value you provide will build connections, strengthen relationships, and produce ongoing results for your business. We know that running your business's social media accounts requires strategy, content, dedicated time, and long-term commitment. Our team of experts can help you achieve your social media goals with a customized strategy. Book a free consultation today to see how we can help your social media strategy go from good to great!


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