4 Easy Ways To Tune Up Your Posting

4 Easy Ways To Tune Up Your Posting

Running social media for a business or project can be daunting. After all, if someone is, say, a restaurateur, they're probably not starting a restaurant because they're really excited to start posting on Facebook about it. If you need a hand with your socials, you can always ask your pals at HyperChat Social, but if you're just looking for a few pointers on your posting to your socials here are a few easy ways you can tune up your posting:

1. Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

You know those trends you see that dominate your timeline and seemingly become every other post on your scroll adventure? If you can't beat em', join em'. You can repurpose trending sounds, memes or challenges for unique, timely and fun content. Just don't wait too long to jump on them!

2. Use video content

Video is hot right now. Like, REALLY hot. It's proven that videos on Instagram and Facebook (generally) get more exposure than their static counterparts. Videos also get more engagement and more interaction (and that's not to mention the TikTok and Youtube titans). If you've got a smartphone, chances are you already have a decent camera set-up and everything you need to start shooting and editing short videos for your social media pages.

3. Do an audit of your social media

This one may seem obvious, but almost nothing looks odder for a brand's social media than having it's twitter look completely different than it's facebook or it's LinkedIn. It happens time after time, maybe you miss a post here or get a new social page and can't find the same header you used for the old one. Set aside an hour at least monthly to make sure your pages are straightened out.

4. Watch what your competitors are doing

Great artists steal, they say! There's absolutely nothing wrong with rifling through what your competitors are doing and pulling inspiration from strategies that are working for them (or NOT working for them). By looking at them, you're not only finding inspiration for future posts of your own, but you're also finding out what similar audiences expect from like-pages.

Of course, there are a ton more helpful social media tips and tricks out there for you to master- but hopefully, these can help provide a strong foundation for improving your posting game!


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