4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Video Content RIGHT NOW

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Video Content RIGHT NOW

It's no big secret that video content can be an extremely useful tool for any business owner right now. Instagram CEO, Adam Messorri, even as recently as this week made a video emphasizing the fact that Instagram will be focusing more and more on putting videos in front of its user base. One thing is clear, video, more than ever, is crucial to make any social presence as effective as possible. The question then becomes: How does someone make that video look good?

1. Write a Script

One mistake many people make when they start recording videos for their socials is to just do them off the cuff. This leads to MANY initial videos becoming meandering, long, and a little too "chatty". Even if you don't write and stick to a specific script, simply sitting down and composing your thoughts/beats before recording can help you create a more concise and effective video.

2. Use a Catchy Title

This might be the most common pitfall, too many times someone will spend time making good, thought-provoking video content only to title it something bland and unappealing. When titling a video, it's imperative that that title provokes and invites a potential viewer. This can be done in a number of ways, for instance, if a video's thesis statement is "How to better save money", consider using strong language or posing a question that speaks directly to your audience. Titling the previously mentioned video something like "How To Save Better: Top 5 Tips You NEED To Know" or "What Can You Do to Start Saving Better Today?" are both examples of stronger, catchier titles.

3. A Little Post Production Goes A LONG Way

Another common, easy-to-fix "mistake" people make often is posting their video as soon as they finish recording it. While this isn't "wrong" per se, it's not the most effective way to make video content pop on a social feed. Simply put, a little post-production goes a long way. There are dozens of free apps both on mobile and desktop that can help do these things very easily. Simply adding a logo in the corner or adding a short music bed under the beginning of a video will make it look more professional and polished with very little extra effort.

4. Post Reels

Frequently, when someone thinks of video content, their mind may wander to hosting those videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or another platform dedicated to video content but a "cheat code" to get eyes on video content is to make them into Reels for Facebook and Instagram. Reels are Facebook and Instagram's short-form video content medium and are extremely popular right now. In fact, in February 2022, Facebook said that half of all time spent on Facebook and Instagram is spent watching a video, and "Reels is our fastest growing content format by far." Utilizing these to host or advertise videos is another lane that can be used to drive more viewers to videos on a social page.

Using these very simple tricks, someone can tune up their video presence and really stand out on a feed with very minimal extra effort.


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