3 Social Media Predictions For 2023

3 Social Media Predictions For 2023 

The new year is an exciting time. Friends, family, making resolutions you won't keep after the first two weeks…The list goes on and on, but a new year is also an important benchmark time for businesses to look ahead to the oncoming year, to look back on where we've been and more importantly where we're going. As far as the social media landscape is concerned, there appear to be a few measurable trends on the rise, that you can take advantage of to stay ahead of the curve in 2023.

Video Content Will Continue To Be King

If you can't beat em, join em and, in 2022 nobody beat TikTok and the short form video app doesn't appear to be losing any momentum going into 2023. Because of that, every platform is trying toshort-form adapt in order to compete with the social media juggernaut. Instagram and Facebook especially are entering the fray as they're using their algorithm to push more and more video content to their user base. In fact, roughly half of all time spent on Instagram and Facebook in 2022 was spent watching videos. Making videos can seem daunting, but if you need a few tips, we've got you covered.

Authenticity Is Key

The worst way to get someone to buy something is to try to sell it to them. The same is true for social media and users have become very aware of how and when they're being sold and advertised to and they don't like it. You don't want your digital presence to have anything in common with a sleazy car salesman, but How do you break away from this though? There's a simple solution, really, and it's a focus on brands being authentic and real. Giant brands like Wendy's or DuoLingo are having A LOT of success gaining traction by pulling the curtain back just a little on their social sites and having social media managers post with their audience instead of at them. By doing things like incorporating pop-culture in your posts or writing your copy like a person would instead of a brand, you can organically attract a much bigger audience.

New Platforms On The Rise

Social Media is a fast growing, ever changing landscape and new apps and platforms are making headways constantly. 2022 saw the rise of BeReal, an app dedicated to having its user post only at specific, randomly generated times every day. Particularly as Twitter's future becomes more and more uncertain, there's already a few signs of which platforms might take off in early 2023, Mastodon (which has added nearly half a million users since Oct. 27), Hive and CoHost all appear to be frontrunners in that space and it would do well for business owners to keep an eye on emerging platforms and how they can best use them.


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