10 Ways To Drive More Facebook Business Page Likes

So many business owners are chasing after the gold of REAL organic likes. You can either fool yourself into thinking you have lots of followers, or grind away developing a real following so you can convert those raving fans into clients.

Here are 10 ways to get more likes on your business Facebook page.

1. Give Free Shit Away

Create a compelling, VALUABLE offer for someone to get something for FREE. There are no two betting marketing words than FREE and ZERO. Even if people could pay for something of value, make a short eBook, flyer, or something of interest to get people to like your page.

2. Use VIDEO

There are lots of articles on photos, but video gives you a 10x engagement with people who view your page, especially if you rotate the main header of your business Facebook page from a stock picture into a short video.

3. Run Polls

You know that people are at work, but not always working eight hours a day. Giving them some poll or contest to get involved in for a like. It's a great away to engage people on your Facebook business page.

4. Go LIVE

For some reason, people never get over the fascination of seeing people do or talk about things that we wouldn't normally talk about. So, DON'T be Switzerland on this. Pick a juicy topic to discuss, and get interactive with the people who are watching the video. The longer the Facebook Live, the better.

5. Put the Like Box everywhere

It's important to make it easy for people to like you. At every moment possible, you should be asking for the check (I mean getting a like). It's paramount that you make sure on every part of your website, your blog, your e-mail, etc., you give people the chance to give you a like.

6. Partner with other brands

Did you realize that every other business in your neighborhood is trying to get a bunch of likes just like you? Ask them to weave you into one of their posts, and ask their fans to like your business page so you do the same for them. It's a wonder how cross promotion can get you more likes.

7. Add to your e-mail newsletter

Most of you are still doing some sort of e-blast. This is a good opportunity to drive likes to your Facebook page just by asking or including some offer from the e-mail blast.

8. Comment and backlink

If you spend time commenting on other popular Facebook pages, you can include a link back to your website or hashtag to get over to your page. This could be really good especially if your comments are engaging the audience.

9. Make sure you are using the right frequency

You may have heard that posting once a week is plenty. But if you truly have followers who are zealots of your brand, you may end up posting three or four times per day. Make sure you monitor when you post and how often you post to maximize getting likes.

10. Be smart with hashtags

People think Twitter is the only platform that uses hashtags, but they have become very popular on Facebook. Using these hashtags correctly can help you drive more likes by getting people to easily navigate to your business page. BTW—make doubly certain your pick the right style of business page as well.


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